Eyes of a Friend

My friend, Glaurie, lives on a point of land just East of us
called Point of View.
 Our first connection came to me on my morning walk in September 2001.
Her cocker spaniel, Lady, barked at me from their new home overlooking the path.

I believe the Universe puts people on our path
at exactly the right time.
You look in their eyes and they come inside.
It is like you have known them forever, a feeling of
 coming home.

When I had shown a picture of my Mystic Mentor Ann of Scotland's light filled eyes,
Glaurie had said,  "That is how I felt when I saw your eyes."

This picture of Nadina and Glaurie was taken in Santa Rosa at a celebration of Nadina's Birthday.
The loving eyes of Maarten have taken both pictures in this story.

Nadina and Glaurie

We share a oneness with the land we have in common
and the Scottish roots of our Fathers and Swedish roots of our Mothers.

We can't travel together all the time
or even sometimes be in the same moment together.
 Certain connections challenge us to the core.

We love each other, respect each other, and constantly grow
inward and outward...
Allowing the spaces to create the music for the notes of our
life dance.

Words that describe Glaurie include:
Beautiful, Strong, Courageous, Super Charged, Author.
World traveler, Critic at large, Historian.
Political and War Strategist with uniforms and weapons
from many battles.

The role of Peter in the musical Peter Pan
would make her feel comfortable in her skin.
Glaurie is a radiant woman of the 'Now'
while honoring the 'Old Guard'.

A generous passionate lover and protector of life.
July is Glaurie's birth month
and I give thanks for the gift of my friend Glaurie the Fae.

Many stories to tell but this is an introduction.

Nadina Stewart Schaddelee
Friend to Glaurie of Point of View,
 Casa Luna, Santa Rosa and the World.


Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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