Fuji’s Loving Farewell


We never knew Fuji’s birthday but we do know his Feast Day.…

Our Cat Whisperer Sally and her Cat Whispering children had visited Fuji.
Fuji was showing many signs of wasting and having a challenge with his stomach and left side.


Two weeks later an appointment was made for the Vet to come out on July 21st in the afternoon.
On Wednesday, Fuji’s balance had got progressively worse and he was falling over.
It was heart breaking to watch him try to pull himself up.
Thursday morning we called and asked the Vet to euthanize Fuji when he came out.
Fuji and I spent a sweet day, starting at 4:00 a.m. when he wanted to go outside. He sat under the chair at the front door and watched the rain.
We had lovely moments and I told him how loved he was and it was time for us to love him enough to let him go on his Magic Carpet Ride.


We chose one of Fuji’s favourite spots and Maarten dug a grave. I sprinkled lavender and rose petals in.
Our son, Troy, Fuji’s original owner, was here when the Vet Dr. Chris Tom and his cat whisperer assistant Brianna came.
They were so compassionate and caring. It was like the Hospice team. Chris explained the procedure. Maarten and Troy sat on each side of Fuji.
Fuji in good hands, I went down to the water, sat on the Stone of Gratitude, wept and felt his spirit release.

Maarten called me and Troy carried a tenderly wrapped Fuji down to the gravesite.
The site is right below the Great Mother Goddess Uli, who Fuji and I visited everyday in the dawn light. In the centre of the garden… it is a perfect spot.
I kissed his little wrapped body and touched him all over.  We said a prayer, and I sprinkled some more rose petals, lavender and took the first handful of dirt and scattered it over Fuji.
Troy gently filled the remainder of the grave and Maarten set a direction marker that he had made for me.
The boys told me how caring Chris and Brianna were, and Maarten had said Troy had closed Fuji’s eyes and wrapped him.
Many tears and stories. Fuji had a wonderful life and grateful we are. We feel at peace with his passage.
This morning as I went down to welcome the sun I stopped at Fuji’s stone and touched it. He came immediately into my heart where he now lives, although as I write…

Fuji pops up all over, joyous and free.
Blessing of Love Gratitude,
Xo Xo Xo Xo
Nadina, Maarten, Troy, and Fuji
The last picture are gifts that were given to Fuji and sit on his gravesite in the morning light.

Bastet and gifts for Fuji

Our Grand Kitty Fuji Story


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