Margaret, Grace & Me

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The most beautiful of beautiful mornings and from the distance I hear the Eagles calling.
Now, the rustle of branches as large young wings land behind me...
They don't rest for long, they are off to join their family on the rocks below Maarnada.
There are five Eagles gathered sharing a feast.
The large Matriarch lands on the tall Fir and calls down to me
And there sits Grace, Mother of my friend Margaret Ruth Vickers.
It is May 12th the day Grace Isabel Freeman was born and many years later the day Grace would die.
She plucks a large white feather from her tail and drops it down to me.
"You are 'White Feather' the Spirit and Wisdom of the Grandmothers
Remember we speak through you"

White Feather

Grace is a Spirit Mother to me.  She sits in my heart on this day and I give grateful thanks to her.

I met Grace's daughter Margaret in May 1967 when she would become Miss Victoria and I her first Princess.
Over the years we have connected as friends and mentors.  We have changed much over forty-two years.

Margaret and Me

Margaret means Pearl - it begins with a small agitation and results in a treasure.
Margaret is a hand of change in our world.

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