Nade the Nag

I could feel her coming and there she was, "Suck it up Princess, Faery, Hag!!!

I didn't spend all of those years dancing, and training to become a first class Trainer of
Fitness Leaders, Wellness and Alternative Exercise Guru, Health Promotion and Wellness Educator to not have a space in your life!!!!!!!

 You are mine three hours a day and throughout the day I will be blowing the whistle on you!!!

Three times twice I'm telling you!!! Your body deserves some great personal training and Nad is back!

The Rose and Faeries can have you in the Dawn light, along with the WOW's and Spirit Guides.

They can also have you after lunch for a meditation and at sunset!!!

Prepare yourself because this transmission is very physical, creative, and will be given to you daily!

Do you hear me? Now go weigh yourself, let Maarten help you!

One hundred and seventy-eight pounds
178 pounds
Wow we have lots to work with!"
Now lets Dance!!!!!

Nade the Nag Personal Trainer of Nadina of Maarnada

Nad The Nag


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