100 Day Check In with Nade the Nag, (New Attitude Guru)

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Nade the Nag:  How are you feeling?

Nadina: I am feeling vibrant and noticing my confidence growing. 

Nag:  How is that presenting itself?

Nadina: Little things,  like going to new places.

Nag: Unknown places?

Nadina: Places I haven’t been before on my own.  I was at a baby shower for a friend at a house I hadn’t been in before with lots of people I had never met.  It took me time to settle, I felt all of the energy at once.  It was overwhelming.  This is the part of my brain that is sensitive to over stimulation.  Because of this my balance and vision are compromised.  Moving my head too quickly to see everybody still has them doubling out and moving up and down.  Like the  spinning ride at a fair when you just get off.

Nag: How do you cope?

Nadina: I am learning to find a spot to land.  Background noise, loud music and lots of people talking at once is difficult.  However, focusing on one person and their body language and words helps.  Inviting the person to move to a more quiet area.
I feel stupid, when people tell me their names and the name slides off the slippery slope.  However, I am able to laugh and ask again and even ask how they spell their name.  That usually pegs it for me.

Nag:  How are you doing outside?

Nadina: I walk with my walking stick in unknown places.  If possible, I choose to go places like downtown at less busy times, makes it easier to walk on my own.  Crowded places like Splash was made easier by Maarten and Sara who I could latch onto.  They were my confident guides through the masses.  Friends are amazing at intuiting when I need their arm.  Otherwise I ask for assistance.  Everyone is willing to help.  My ego is my amigo and getting used to constant Ego Enemas.

Nag:  How is your decision making?

Nadina: We are having the counter tops changed in the kitchen.  Decisions are easier,  and it is interesting to see that I do have an opinion and can talk it through. 
My decision to welcome you, Nag,  back into my life is huge!  You were always confident and courageous in new experiences.  Anything you needed to learn you went for it.  It was almost like I didn’t want you in my life for a while because I knew I couldn’t be you anymore.  I compared myself to my old self and Nadina was coming up bankrupt.  Giving Nadina time away and learning a new way of being brought me other gifts.  It has been an amazing reunion working together again.

Nag:  How have your food choices assisted your well being?

Nadina: Choosing foods I can digest through the Type O Blood dietary suggestions have been the key for me.  Eating smaller meals more often.  Maarten’s assistance and affirmation have been huge.  Noticing the changes.  When I eat wheat my joints hurt.  When I don’t they don’t.  Being conscious and kind to my body needs.  Making my own food and feeling how they are healing me. Taking responsibility for my food decisions.  At first it felt like saying NO a lot but really it is saying YES to what works. I have become my own experiment. 

Nag:  Any other physical improvements?

Nadina: I believe it is the dancing and my body’s memory of the love and joy of dance and moving fluidly.  Dancing and singing in the morning on ’Main Stage Maarnada’ to music I love juices me.
Dancing with the dancers of “So You Think You Can Dance’ has been inspiring and motivating.
Sessions with Jane O’Keefe’s healing hands releasing stress from my body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. My wellbeing’s willingness to work in harmony with Jane.
Listening to my intuition about healing symbols.  My thyroid needed something healing placed over it.  I asked Glass Artist Kathy Griffiths to create healing s necklaces for me. Kathy’s beautiful creations sit over my thyroid and the hematite used in the chain of beads helps me feel more grounded.  My head feels more attached and linked to my feet!  A wonderful realization as my feet had been numb for a long time.  I celebrate the wondrous miracle of my feet that have served me so well!
Visual proof comes in the 30 lb. weight loss and Maarten’s and other people’s  affirmations.  Cheerleaders are important along with the wellness approach of life style enhancement on all levels.
Nadina’s Storytelling website has been the space of grace that allowed me to put my pieces together.  The fun and patience of Faery and Wizgym learning to communicate with their very different gifts.  The bounty of creative expression.  A place to share my moments and pictures.  Finding my voice and my purpose.

Nag:  Have you set any further goals?

Nadina: Yes, to initiate change. For example on our Sunday walk, at my request, this week Maarten and I walked to the road access to Margaret’s Bay.  We took the seventy-six silver stairs down.  As it was low tide we navigated the beach easily without the assistance of my walking stick.  Knowing Maarten’s arm was there if needed helped. A huge leap of courage and confidence. 

I am wanting to swim in the bay again and looking for solutions to get me there,  direct from Maarnada being number one.  I would like access to Maarnada Bay below us.  My balance continues to improve and the strength of my legs and body awareness is showing me possibilities.  Maarten built part of the path many years ago.   Like the Path of Kindness railings and steps are required.  My Visionary eye  shows me enjoying Maarnada Bay…. and there is a way.  One step at a time the path will appear beneath my feet.

I am trying to help  Maarten understand that he is not always the one that has to make my desires come to fruition.  It is good for me to source out.  Like the child who is not afraid to ask for what she desires. She takes pictures and puts them on her Vision Board.  Believe it and you will see it.  The Bay wants me there as much as I desire to be there.  Thrill me Universe…the way will be made clear.

To share the Beauty of Maarnada with the World.

Nadine and Nadina Storytellers of Maarnada


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