Aloha Heart

Our niece Victoria gave us a Sparkly Heart
To remind us of our nephew Bradley
Bradley is the youngest of my sister Bonnie’s six children
Victoria is the eldest
Vicky holding Brad
Sheralynn, Victoria holding Bradley, Tara, Darren and Jamie, 1970

Brad is the one closest in age to our oldest son Trevor.
Bradley died recently at the age of 39.
In remembering Bradley pictures have been posted on Facebook.
The most recent by Victoria’s husband Ken best friend of Bradley.
Brad with heart
In looking at the picture it is a direct connection to my heart
That little boy was in my heart again.
Victoria’s heart is held by the Angel
And I felt myself taking the heart into my hands
And hanging it around the little Brad’s neck.
I found a way and took a picture.
Brad with family
A rare occurrence Bonnie in a picture, perhaps she has been the one taking all the pictures
with Brad, Victoria, Jamie, Tara, Darren and Sheralynn 1995

Maarten and I will soon be leaving for Maui
Last year I was given a silver travelling heart by a friend.
I had attached it to a Lei and it would be around my neck
To say farewell to the day at sunset

Me wearing lei with heart

My friend was travelling and the heart went back to her.

So in this morning’s light with Brad’s heart connection
I was guided to put it on to the Lei and wrap it around
The neck of the gift of the angel
Gifted to me by niece Sheralynn and her beloved Tracey
They had recently become pregnant with Stella Ruby
Nine years later the angel holds the Aloha Spirit
And Brad’s Heart lit by the Clare’s candle
Brad’s Heart lit by the Clare’s candle
The gift of Brad’s heart will accompany us to Maui.
It will hang over our table and be present around my neck at each sunset
Heart hanging from lei
Heart hanging from lei

The Aloha Spirit prayer invites us
to say farewell to each day with gratitude as the sun sets

and asks us to release any burdens we may be carrying into the Sea
to be transformed.
The vibration of Aloha is Spirit manifesting through Love.
Mahalo and Aloha
Maarten and Nadina at sunset

I will be back on site the beginning of February Abundant Blessings to all in 2010  A fond Aloha from Nadina and Maarten


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