Creating Magic
Blue Moon of Transformation

13th Original Clan Mother
Becomes Her Vision

As Fuji and Maarten rest by the fire
Maarten and Fuji
I sit looking at the Mid Winter Solstice Faery who has landed on Moon River
She can transport herself anywhere.
Mid Winter Solstice Faery who has landed on Moon River
She is at the peak of her power….glowing in the dark sky at one with the Moon
I have taken a picture of the Blue Moon on this last eve of 2009
Blue Moon on this last eve of 2009
also a picture of the Solstice Faery on the Moon
but the magic that I see and feel is not in the picture
Maybe if I hold her and take the picture
She will be animated?
Solstice Faery on the Moon with my hand
The gift of the Solstice Faery from my niece Tara
on Mid Winter Solstice best brings the child and wise woman together
in the magic….they talk to each other through their hearts, imagination and creativity.

Tara made four magical rings for me…
Sometimes the Mid Winter Solstice Faery hold’s them with her four fingers
One holding a starburst baby angel
One the crescent moon symbol of the moon in the sky when I was born
The spiral of the labyrinth
Three dolphins in a circle
Four magical rings
The way they sit on the table they create the medicine hoops of connection
Also the number 88 which reminds me of Maarnada’s incorporation date 8/8/88

If I were to ask Tara how she knew the perfection in the gifts
The question might surprise her… or not?
Intuition that our family carries has a power all its own.

The year of 2009 I had an intention of listening to my intuition
and marking every hinge day with a moment or story.
I would just allow myself the time and space of the website to hold the vision.

Tara’s husband Jim, Wiz Gym was able to transport and assist with the vision.
Tara and her husband Jim
I am so grateful to this magical down to earth duo.

I will complete my little story with this quote from one of
My very favourite storytellers Jamie Sams
“Becomes Her Vision, the Thirteenth Clan Mother, speaks to every Child of Earth
and softly whispers these words that the Great Mystery
put inside the Eternal Flame of Love:
Link to Jamie Sams

Nadina Stewart Schaddelee
Storyteller of Maarnada


Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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