Bradley’s Heart Angel

The smell of Fir Tree permeates the air as our Christmas Tree came into the house last night. Maarten has placed it in its base, trimmed the branches, put the lights on and placed the Golden Angel on top. My part is placing each of the ornaments on…..remembering the stories and love that goes with each creative gift.


My sister Bonnie’s youngest son Bradley died the end of August, 2009, and will be remembered by a sparkly silver heart.
The Bradley Heart was a gift given to each member of our family by Brad’s oldest sister Victoria.
She presented them to us on Brad’s 40th birthday November 18th at Brad’s youngest sister Sheralynn’s home.
Sheralynn had created a feast for the family of all of Brad’s favourites Prima Strada Pizza, IPA, and Black Forest Cake.

"Brad with Kyla and Michael"






I placed her on the dining room table with the Clare’s Candle that had been created and prayed over while it was being made, by Sister Doreen of the St. Clare Sisters. This is the table where in the wee small hours of the morning I wrote in my journal by the light of Clare’s Candle and wrote to Brad after he had died.
“Yes”, this was the place as he instructed me to take pictures






The last picture was of Bradley’s Heart Angel holding a gossamer bag. What would your gift be that the magic bag holds?




I knew Bradley’s Heart ornament would be the first on the tree.  So I asked Brad “Where would you like it to be?”
“Let the angel hold it, so that they can see that I send my love back.  Just as I am in their hearts they are in mine Forever and for Always.” As the Golden Angel sits above the tree I used a long salad fork to place it in her hand. I took a picture and went to see if the picture turned out by putting it on my computer screen.

I wept as I looked at the picture and got up to get a tissue. 
As I headed out the doorway  behind me I heard a gentle thump. Turning back to see the origin of the noise, the Angel that Sheralynn and Tracey had given me nine years ago was on the floor face down. I picked her up and held her close, rocking her as I wept. She has always reminded me visually of my niece Kiara. 
I had called the Angel Chiara the Italian name of St Clare of Assisi as she is our Patroness Saint. Taking Chiara to the tree,
I mentioned to Brad that she seemed a little big for the
top of the tree?
So I asked him,
“Is she the Angel to hold the heart?”



The pictures were of his Candles and Ashes Ceremony at Maarnada.




Bradley has taught us much in his early passing.
Do not wait to say,  “I love you”  If there is someone you love or someone who you can give their heart’s desire  Do it now while we are alive to enjoy it.

Sometimes it is as easy as a few words that are the key to the heart.
I love you.

Nadina Stewart Schaddelee,
Storyteller of Maarnada



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