Wonder and Star Child were playing at Grantie’s with their cousin Moon Child.
Moon Child wanted to know about how he was made  and had been given a book called ‘How Babies Are Made’.
Wonder and Star Child

 Wonder was excited when she saw the Flower.  “There is the pollen from the male part of the flower that came together
with my Mom to make me!”
Moon child was excited by the story of how his Mom’s Egg and Dad’s Sperm made him.
Then Wonder said to Star Child,
“I know you have two Moms so
Star Child asked his Grantie about it and this is what she told him ……

You were children in doll form created from the inspiration of Grantie and her  Star Crossed Birthday Sister.
Grantie longed for Spiritual Grand Children so she asked the assistance of the Universe
for a Star Spark and Human Egg  to welcome you into human form.

Grantie’s beloved heart daughter who is your human Momma and your other human Mommy
longed for a child as well.
Your Mommy’s womb was preparing to welcome a child.
You remember the story of the sperm and the egg don’t you, from your cousin Moon Child’s book?”
“Yes, but where did my Star Spark come from?”

“Well, first your Momma and Mommy went to a Star Spark bank where men deposited sparks.
We found out there was very little information on the men who deposited the sparks that were frozen.
We desired a live Star Spark!

When your Moms shared the information with our families, Momma’s brother Aquarius, offered to supply his star spark before 
he went off on a Peace Keeping mission.

 This way your Star Spark would come from our family and the Egg from your Mommy’s.
When your Mommy’s eggs were ovulating Momma received the Star Spark in a vessel from Aquarius.
  She asked the Universe to bless it with co creative desire  and lovingly transported  the
Star Spark inside your Mommy’s vagina.
That is when you heard the call and chose them and they chose you.
The Star Spark and Egg  loved connecting with each other and transformed into a human you.
“Yes, I have seen the images of me in my Mommy’s womb.”

“So that is how you and your sister were created from the same family of Eggs and Star Spark.”

“You mean Uncle Aquarius is our Star Spark?”
“Grantie when does Uncle Aquarius come back from his Peace Mission?”
“Soon all of the elements of your creation will line up and the Universe will bring our family together to celebrate.”
“You know you are a Star Child don’t you”?
“Yes, Grantie I feel it in my heart.”
“We love you and your sister beyond forever”
“We love you Grantie and all of our family!”
“Does this help answer your question?”
“Yes, Grantie I am part Star Spark and the Stars visit me as I am human on my Earth Walk”
“Yes, sweetheart they do
and we are grateful that you are both Star and Earth.”

Grantie Nadina of Maarnada

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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