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Lauren Artress

Women of Wisdom

The Labyrinth is a wonderful tool as a walking meditation. It is solved through walking. I was fortunate to train with Dr. Lauren Artress and received accreditation as a Labyrinth Facilitator in October 2000. I taught courses and introduced the Labyrinth by working with people who saw the benefits of the Labyrinth. This included the canvas Labyrinth used at UVIC.

‘Walking a Sacred Path’ Lauren’s book was given to me by my friend Penny for my 50th birthday.  Penny said, “It was glowing on the shelf and said take me to Nadina”

Intuition is an amazing gift to listen and respond to promptings.  Reading the book inspired me to create a 30 foot diameter Labyrinth for Maarnada On May 1st 1998

Nadine drawing the labyrinth

Maarten and Troy assisted in painting our labyrinth that was on our driveway for ten years.

Nadina on painted Labyrinth

Although our Labyrinth has been covered over my walking is facilitated by the many walks and the centre of the ‘Rose’ is on the waterside of Maarnada and my daily practice after welcoming the sun.  There are three finger Labyrinth’s that can be used to quiet the mind on the ‘Path of Kindness’ that leads to the ‘Rose’.

Path of Kindness
Path of Kindness Three Finger Labyrinth's
Three finger labyrinth's.

I invite you to vist Lauren’s amazing website.

Nadine A. Stewart Schaddelee
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada


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