Maarnada’s Anniversary Gift


I had to take Maarnada's Symbol of Universal Peace into the morning light

that our Maarnada Team had created.

Maarnada Mandela

Our web man Jim Laursen, Maarten, and Nadina had sat on the waterside of Maarnada and talked about our desires.

Nadina and Maarten had wanted a symbol of Spiritual Peace using the Doorways.

Maarten's favourite T-shirt the Mayan Calendar from where the Doorways were inspired was a look he liked.

Maarten in the light

Nadina had cut the Doorways out years ago and attempted to create the design.

Then Wizgym (Jim) began to see a possibility.  The following week he sent us this design.

Nadina in the light

Nadina couldn't wait to take it into the morning light and scotch taped it to her Hoodie front and back.


What JOY to feel the blessing of the morning light on a symbol of peace that had been longing to come to life.

In Gratitude,
Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada

Maarnada Mandela

Incorporation date of Maarnada 8/8/88  Celebrating our anniversary with creativity.

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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