Making Peace with My Brain

Making Peace with My Brain

Nothing delights me more than creating another reality.
If I have been stopped on my path by anyone
my creativity has always stimulated another response…
And that is my gift.

In a previous story about finding the answer that is the only right one
according to the teacher
which would have to be constructed in a certain way with words……
I realized that I am not alone in my learning style.
Thankfully at my age no one can take away the gift of my creativity,
because I was born with gifts that are meant to be shared.
In being able to speak in images it also opens me up to respond
in the words that were originally asked of me.

To be continued…….

About the image,
On my birthday at the time I was born
September 22nd at 6:57 p.m.
I release that which I no longer choose to carry
And open up to the possibilities of birthing a new reality.

The picture of me was taken at my birth time at my recent age.
I glued it on to a  brain image (still sourcing the artist)
My Wizard Gym of gymgrafx put the images together for me.

This is co-creative dance and a total tickle!

Nadine A of possible balance in the brain.

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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