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Touched By Love

May 16th 2009 the family and friends of Miller Bell came together to celebrate Miller's life.

We were welcomed into the loving home of Miller's Grandson Sean, wife Tania, sons Nathan and Dominic.

Above the fire place in the living room overlooking the gathering was Michelangelo's painting
of God reaching out to touch Adam.

It reminded me of Renee's profound photo and placing it on Maarten's sculpture that I sent to the family
after Miller died.

Touched by Love - Liam and Miller

Miller was married to Jean Ray sister of Floss Ferguson.... who I spoke about in Forever Friends.

Floss held and shared lifelong pictures of Jean, Jim and her family....

Andrea, Miller and Jean's daughter greeted me. While hugging my friend, I heard myself saying "Congratulations".

And later I would say farewell and say "Congratulations" again.

In reflection it was the perfect word.... Andrea has been a pillar of strength and faith in this family.

Miller's and Jean's life had some brutal moments including the tragic death of Jean and their son Jim.

Over the years, Miller and I had some soul filled moments and deep discussions of his life.
The first came when he had a sculpture created for his Granddaughter Renee's and David's wedding.

It would be a seal pup named Chimo in memory of Jean and her dog Chimo.

Miller told me he would have been there more for Jean but his career as a Victoria Police officer took him away.

I felt Jean's presence as she listened to Miller's plea of forgiveness....

The love streaming through comes through the touch stone.

On Good Friday April 10th 2009 the female side of the family had gathered for a shower
for Renee and Liam

As Renee and I said goodbye there were two requests for which my Heart Daughter longed....
A bouquet of gratitude for her cousin Nicci for giving the Shower
Which created the Forever Friends story

The second was time with Pappa Miller to share her Liam.
Miller had been so delighted to see
his granddaughter pregnant, healthy and glowing.

And now through Renee's pictures here is the connection
Eye to eye, heart to heart, hand to hand.

Liam and Miller

She had her last moments with Miller sharing the Bella Hildebrand Boy.

As if passing the torch, Liam had come in, connected with his Great Grandfather, and soon after Miller released.


For a life lived the best he could and a family that will continue on living life the best they can

Congratulations and Gratitude,

You are touched by Love

and Love is Forever.

On the day of the Celebration of Miller's life Renee had
placed my gift of the little fireman's shoes
on Liam's feet..... the little shoes of Hope had been filled.

That is another story.

Touched by Love - Liam and Miller


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