Spring Equinox
Rock of Jamie

Equal light and Equal Darkness on this day of balance
In the Dawn light I go down to welcome the sun
Aquila’s wings hold the sun as it rises.
Aquila with sun
I hear voices calling as I turn to see Maarten and nephew Jamie.
The two Aquarians are biding me farewell as they journey to Vancouver.
They are on a mission to find a rock for Jamie’s Eagle
Jamie and Maarten by truck
On my return to the garden to turn on the ponds I see the wooden alter bowl
and I am inspired to place it on the ceremonial table in the Tea House
I place my ball in it…
Ball in wooden bowl
I am now on retreat …
I place two camellias in Troy’s Vessel
Fuji my constant companion climbs up for a drink.
He is our Grandkitty by way of  our son Troy another Aquarian.
Fuji story
Fuji drinking from vessel
The beauty of the Quince (a plant growing when we moved here} is glowing in the morning light
and creates a portal for the gateway
Quince and gateway
Returning to the ocean side Uli (Uli and Me Story) with Aquila connects the masculine and feminine
energy of marriage and co-creation
Uli and Aquila
On the Maarnada Rose the two Mary’s come to me from Tapestry
The story I wrote last year on this day. Welcoming Spring
The Earth Mother Shares her treasures
Stones are the bones of the Earth.
Earth Mother with stones
I spend the day in rapture as the bird songs, buzzing of the newly hatched
and promise of Spring envelope me.

Late afternoon the Aquarian’s return with their one ton Mother Load of twenty-five multi hewed rocks.
The boys with a mother load of stones
With the strength and vitality of ‘Do It’ they unload the truck.
Jamie with black stone
Possible stone for Jamie is now in the Stone studio.
As we bid Jamie farewell, an Eagle lands on the rock below.
The next time we see Jamie he will have had his jaw surgery
That is another story.
Abundant Blessings of Spring
Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Steward of Sacred Hope
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada
Proud Aunt of Jamie Stewart Pearce

Who is a Rock for our family

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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