Sheralynnee Nadine’s 45th Birthday Gift

The stars sparkling the birds singing

The light painting the sky

Candles lit

I sit writing in my big book you gave me to draw in.

Suddenly the sound of loud footsteps above

Oh my goodness gracious me your Uncle Maarten is awake

I make him coffee and he goes down to the Maarnada Sunrise Terrace
Uncle Maarten
I go down to join him and hear the sound of the phantom boat
That had arrived on Maarnada beach yesterday,
banging against Bradley Maarten Rock
Tell Sheralynn I love her
Tell Sheralynn not to cry
Tell Sheralynn I’m in her heart
And know I’d never lie.

Auntie take pictures
Auntie make sure you see the boat and her sunrise
Auntie let her know this her boat
das' boot
And I am taking her for a ride
Where would you like to go Sis?
How high would you like to fly?
How would you decorate this boat
A little beat up in some people’s eyes
But in yours the magic flies!
Happy Days
Auntie go sing her Happy Birthday
I want her to hear from us first
I am so excited to be with you
I am about to burst
Maarten and Nadine
Love Bradley Maarten
Star Brother of Sheralynn Nadine.
With assistance of Auntie Nadine and Uncle Maarten

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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