The Day My Father Died
Samhain (November Eve Halloween)
Dedicated to the Ghosts of all Generations of Ancestors and Ancestresses

My father died October 31st 1985 around 3:00 a.m. with my
Mother Ruth by his side.

I had been with my Mother and Father a few hours prior but Bill had told
me to leave.

This was a time for Ruth and Bill.

It was Ruth’s voice that called me and told me Dad had died.

Ruth greeted me in the hospital hallway and took me by the hand into
my father’s room.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said.  Ruth explained that Bill had been sleeping and stopped breathing.

As the nurses were busy, Ruth had washed and prepared Bill’s body.

This was a rite of passage given to me through my courageous Mother.

Now, she was exhausted and it was time for me to hold her and companion
our family.

The story is written in Poppies of Remembrance.

This Eve of the dead I honour those who have died and whose loving memories reside in my heart.

Most recently our nephew Bradley Maarten Jay Pearce

Halloween 2008

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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