Circle of Women

Circle of Women

First Steps

Here I am in 1948 with my beautiful mother Ruth taking some of my first steps.
In rewriting my Bio for the web site I realized how important each step on my path was and how it prepared me for the next step.
My friend Janice M. Mason-Hodes really brings my pieces together in her vintage collage of how she sees me.
Janice was one of my Circle of Women that met once a week at Maarnada.
We were interested in Women's Spirituality and Healing and we invited women from the healing arts in to assist us.
Our first mentor was Ann of Scotland a Mystic Healer who was visiting her brother in Victoria.
The moment Ann's amazing crystal pale blue eyes connected with mine it was like coming home.

Ann of Scotland
I had always been sensitive to people's energies but I desired guidance in understanding and using the gifts.
Artist, Poet, Spiritual Guide Catherine King shared many healing practices. 
The Circle began with Glasgow pal Karine, JoAnne Hoffman, my great friend, hairdresser, fitness leader, interior decorator.

Dolphin Group
Glass Artist Kathy Griffiths who had studied 'Positive Thought' with Emma Smiley from the Victoria Truth Centre, Kathy brought in Janice, a talented photographer, computer wiz, who had deep sensitivities for Native American Spirituality.
Rhona Hume Konnelly had been Speaking at a Seminar in 1990 when I met her.
Rhona formed the Alexandra Women's Services Association International and brought in gifted women speakers for workshops.

Alexandra Women's Services Association Workshop Brochure

We called ourselves the 'Dolphin Group' as we sat around the circular Dolphin Table in our lower living room.
Dolphin Group
There were others that came and went including my niece Sheralynn but we were the core group.
The main time frame was between 1990 - 2000
We are still wonderful friends.

Mentors and Books

Louise L. Hay 'Heal Your Life'
Anthropologist Barbara G. Walker 'Women's Rituals'
Shakti Gawain 'Creative Visualization' 'Living In the Light'
Jamie Sams 'The 13 Original Clan Mothers'
Sams and Carson 'Medicine Cards'
Peace Pilgrim
Caroline Myss 'Anatomy of the Spirit'

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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