Troy News Flashes

Through his Mother's Christmas Newsletters

1982 1990



Fuji our Grand kitty, was calling me to write his story.  This was the spark that  created this little Troy News flash story.


Troy was born in the Dawn light on February 6, 1972.  I went into labour on his due date evening February 5th.


Like his older brother Trevor, he was in a posterior position.  However, Troy turned himself at the last moment,


with the Doctor saying, "Wow, did you see that baby turn!"  Troy has had those last moment turns throughout his life.


A beautiful baby with enormous blue eyes and a quiet sweetness Troy adored his Big Brodder, Trevor.  They were best friends.


Troy had some allergy challenges in the early years.  The small tubes connecting the air sacks of his lungs only allowed half of the capacity of one lung.


On the specialist's advise, creating a safe environment for Troy included a stripped bedroom to allow him a peaceful sleep without allergens.


By the age of twelve Troy had the lung capacity of an elite athlete and his medals in rowing were proof of his physical prowess.


Troy, was allergic to cats and short haired dogs so his pets in childhood were two lizards called Grumps and Pippa.


I admit to being an over protective Mother when it came to Troy's airspace.  Smoking was banded by anyone coming to our home.


I was part of Airspace in its early years of creating an antismoking bylaw in public areas.


Christmas Letters


Maarten and Nadine were married in 1968.  We built a house on San Capri Terrace and moved in September of 1969.  Trevor was born June 25th 1970.  Troy February 6, 1972.  The boys enjoyed the community of friends.  The safe environment of a street to play on.

In 1973 we got our first Sail boat a 21foot called Skookum.  Sailing was a huge part of our lives.  We would usually connect with family and take friends with us on the weekend. ‘Ebb tide’ a Catalina 27, and ‘Maarnada’ an Erickson 35 foot assisted the growth of the family.  We sold Maarnada to finance renovations on 4635 Vantreight Drive that would become Maarnada.  ‘Nadia’ a small 21 foot classic built by David was our last and brief boat.  1986  completed our sailing.  The boys were more interested in staying home with their friends. January holidays in Hawaii with family were frequent.  Disneyland around 1980.  Playschool brought in wonderful friends ‘White Caps’ and family also school friends.  Troy rowed at a young age.  Loved the beach.  We moved to Maarnada in November 1978.


1982 - Troy has been busy with his soccer.  He is also playing tennis this year, so I'll have a partner in the family to play with again.


1983 - Troy is very busy with school.  He got the award for "Outstanding Citizenship and Participation" and puts 100 % into everything he does.  He is now getting more interested in his tennis and he'll be playing with me in Hawaii.  He is also taking Karate and is very serious about it.  He is in wonderful condition and it is so good to see him so healthy and happy.  Troy is also very tall but leaner and more muscular.  Troy works out with weights .  Nothing heavy just light with more repetitions.  He has always been on the shy side but seems to be more outgoing this year.  He is playing the drums in the school band and is also working on a comedy duet for Christmas.  We're excited at the prospect of yet another showman in the family.


1984 - Troy is having an incredibly good year so far.  He's getting exceptionally good marks.  He has such a positive attitude and really is enjoying his teacher.  He's on the audio-visual team and also the basketball team.  He continues to play tennis on a regular basis.  He started Lacrosse for the first time this summer, much to my alarm!  But they seem to play at a reasonably safe level without the KILL-EM! attitude.  Unfortunately he's good at the game and loves it with a passion.  It can only be because I didn't want him to play.  I even made him buy his own equipment.  I'll have to use this reverse strategy to my advantage next time.  He has given up Karate but then how many things can one do.  Troy would like to start working at the store.  He's a super worker so we might just start him over Christmas for a few hours at a time to see how he does.

The beautiful young lady in the picture is my sister Bonnie’s youngest daughter, Sheralynn.  She came to live with us in July.  She has gone back to school full time and works at the bakery on the weekend.  She hopes to get into the Hotel and Restaurant management course at Camosun College next year.  It is a very difficult two year program where they have to do all aspects of the business.  Sheralynn is a natural for this kind of management work and I’m sure she’ll have no trouble finding a job when she’s finished.  Sheralynn, has been like the daughter I never had.  She is so enthusiastic about everything she does and it’s so nice to get to share it with her.


NO CHRISTMAS LETTER IN 1985 – 1986 LETTER EXPLAINS WHY……We had a nice rest in Hawaii last January.  We took my Mom with us and enjoyed seeing her relax and enjoy the sunshine.  We did a one day trip to see my Uncle Jim and Aunt Bea in California on the way home.  It was such a special time only a few hours but it will always be remembered in our hearts.  Uncle Jim died in June after a valiant fight with the same cancer that killed my Dad in October, 1985.  We returned early from holiday as Maarten’s Dad was just recovering from a serious cancer operation. Diagnosed with esophageal and stomach cancer, they removed the bottom of the esophagus and top of the stomach.


As Dad Schaddelee got a little stronger and we were optimistic about his recovery.  Maarten’s Mother went to bed with severe stomach pains.  The doctors diagnosed it as stress related, however after a trip from hell to Hawaii, Mabel was diagnosed as having cancer of the liver and pancreas slipped into a coma and died in July.


My favourite Uncle Jim died in May of Prostate Cancer.


After a difficult beginning of the year, for obvious reasons, Maarten has pulled out all stops.  His latest and greatest hobby is now wood carving.  The style is West Coast Indian with a Canadian-Dutch flair on pieces of wood found on the beach.  He has just completed a wood turning course and is building a workshop by the water to enjoy his new found love.  MAARTEN IS 38 YEARS OLD


Nadine’s fitness career begins.  38 YEARS OLD……  “I’ll be teaching unfit older over forty…..?  ages who have been out of the exercise field for a number of years.  It has been a wonderful experience sweeping the cobwebs off my brain.  I’ve been offered a job already which is totally flattering.  I’m not sure how I’ll fit it in but where there is a will there is a way.  I’m trying to talk them into job sharing with one of the other girls in the course.  I’ve been thinking of pursuing a few courses at the University next year in the Human Performance line.  You never know in twenty years I may have a degree.  Too old to use it but it’s an interesting goal.   2009…..Wow, that shows that throughout my Christmas letters I was already Masterminding and all of the people to whom I sent the letter  were witnessessing and agreeing and seeing.


1986 - Troy, who will be turning fifteen in a month, is 6'1" the same height as Trevor and Jamie, and is in grade nine.  He is taking a Sports Leadership Program along with his other courses and wants to go into
Sports Medicine.  He became very interested in this field when he got shin splints this year and had to give up Lacrosse for the season.  The Sports Medicine Clinic he went to really turned him on.  He has a wonderful enthusiasm for the key things that interest him which I'm sure he inherited from his father.

In July my sister, Bonnie’s son Jamie came to live with us.  His sister Sheralynn moved out with a friend in May.  Sheralynn got an award last year for her work in Restaurant Management.  We’re very proud of her.  She continues her course and will graduate in May.  On to the working world for some money and then away to Europe for travelling and possibly working a little.  Jamie is also at Camosun College but he is studying Criminology and hopes to go into law enforcement.  He’s a wonderful addition to the family and the three boys get on famously.


1987 - Troy is managing his school's basketball team and training to be a world class cyclist.  Nadine begins a serious Wellness Career at CARTEL.  Maarten begins carving WHALES! 


1988 -  Troy is in Grade 11 and enjoying it in spots. His main interest lies in his newest acquisition and first car a mint 1975 MGB that makes him look really good and noticed by the fairer sex.  He is working part-time at the Bakery and feels he might like to take over from his Dad; after completion of grade twelve and a trip to Europe.  He went to Asia with the school last year and has the travel bug.


1989 - Troy is finishing Grade 12 and working part-time at the Bakery.  He was delighted at making the Vic City Varsity team in rowing.  He has only been rowing for three months but he loves the sport and seems to have found his niche.  He'll be going to Mexico at Easter and if all goes well he'll be joining the third generation of the Schaddelee's full-time at the Dutch Bakery in September.


1990 - Troy has been working full-time at the Bakery since he graduated.  He made the B.C. Rowing team and received a gold and silver medal at the Western Canada Games.  He is now on the varsity team and has his focus set on making the National team.  He drives a Mazda RX-7, has a lovely girl friend, and cycles.  More travel is also in his plans.


November 1990 Maarten had serious heart problems.  An allergy to MSG and stress caused a misconnection between the brain and the heart.  The specialists said they could put him on Beta Blockers and he could return to the family Bakery.  However, if he chose that route the blockers would suppress his creativity.  They went on to say, if he followed his heart and did his art he would not need medication.

Maarten and Nadine chose to leave the business Easter 199l.  Maarten's journey as a full time artist began and Nadine's vision of Maarnada as a Gallery and Wellness Centre began its journey.