It was my spiritual Grandmother Hanna and the Spiritual Grandmothers of all traditions that had invited me to walk with them.
This was many years ago and I have been given the ‘White Feather’ for my initiation.
I am not a physical Grandmother by blood, but sit in the lodge of the Clan Mothers…
Dreaming a dream of peace for the Earth and her children.
I am not a mother of daughters, yet my sister Bonnie’s daughter, Sheralynn Nadine, came to live with us in 1985 and stayed for two years.
Sheralynn became my heart daughter, she also introduced me to the archetypes of the Goddess.

When Sheralynn’s daughter, Stella Ruby, was born I became a Great Aunt and the name Grantie Nadina was birthed.
That was in 2001, and to hear my name Grantie spoken by Stella and her brother Jaxon is such music in my heart.
It is not only my blood family but also children who resonate with me that call me Grantie.
Stella and Jaxon
My physical grandmother Agnes from my Father’s side lived on the other side of Canada so I saw her only a few times.
It was her sister Kate who was my Great Aunt and I love her dearly.
Yes, as I write her name Grantie Kate pops into my heart.
It was Great Aunt Kate and Uncle Tom that had invited my Scottish father Bill to come out to the west coast and apprentice
with Uncle Tom as a tile setter. Thank-you Uncle Tom and Grantie Kate for the gift.

Sitting in the Grandmother’s Rocking Chair eyes closed listening to the ponds…..
The sound of laughter came to me, tickling me with delight and asked me to turn around
Written in the healing dust of yellow cedar on the granite alter table….
Was a love note from the Universal Grantie of wishes and dreams.

Becoming Grantie
I placed a heart shaped petal from the Wild Rose in the ‘a’ as a thank-you to the Grandmothers.


In Gratitude,
Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee

Who’s name means
Steward of Sacred Hope
The name Nadina came from a Vision I had of my future self
She was on the point of the setting sun and she Granted me the gift of her name.
Nadine means Hope
Agnes means Sacred
Stewart means Steward
My middle name was in honour of my Grandmother Agnes
My Father’s Mother
My Grandmother Hanna also has the ‘a’
she was my Mother’s mother and my maternal Grandmother
who is my spiritual Grandmother
my Grantie Kate also has the ‘a’
and I’m Canadian ‘a’

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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