Blessings on Midwinter Solstice

Blessings on Midwinter Soltice
As my beloved, Maarten sleeps, I am awakened to go out and be with the velvet darkness and sparkling stars.  My star pup ‘Tamji’ connector and prefect pet feels warm cuddled against my chest!
We are held by the wonder of looking at the Universe through the star gate and womblike darkness of this night of release and new beginnings.
Totally enveloped by this point of land that claimed me, the sound of waves, and gentle melody of Wind chimes.  We give thanks for the well lit paths.
The grand firs, oaks, arbutus, and snowberry bushes ground us and send their branches skyward in celebration.
The Stone Whispered familiars also created by my beloved Maarten welcome us.
We touch each of them with love and the love floods back.  Dear Fuji, first time in Stone Spirit gives thanks, free to be a part of his cat world.
The Maarnada Rose awaits with the bright orange pumpkin that is still healthy and vibrant remaining from Halloween.
Gratitude floods through every cell of my being as I step into the portal of the Rose.  All of creation beams in and affirms our presence.
Thanks to the mineral realm, the plant realm, the animal realm, the human realm, the spirit realm, and the Great Mystery.

From this place that connects and empowers loves and tests us we send our heartfelt gratitude to all beings everywhere.
Deep Peace from the running waves to you,
Deep Peace of the gentle Earth to you,
Deep Peace of the starlight Sky to you,
Deep Peace, Deep Peace,
Deep Peace, of the breath of life to you,
Deep Peace, of the Light of Love to you,
Deep Peace, Deep Peace.
And in this place where I walk alone all is one within me.
Peace, Peace, Sweet Peace, in this moment all is well.

Abundant Blessings,
Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Mid Winter Solstice December 22, 2011


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