There are people on the path who are constant connectors in life.
Laurie Joyce Rutherford Pederson who I call Glaurie Eyes of a Friend is a golden thread in the weaving.

Table with objects
To write this story I place objects that Glaurie has given to me  on our Spiritual Companioning table.
The book Michelangelo’s Mountain came through Glaurie’s father’s friend Professor Beverley Brown
who also draws Mary icons and is a Mary scholar.
Ken and Sara came via Glaurie’s parents’ best friends Pat and Gerry Neely, Sara’s parents.
The porcelain statue, that inspired my Mary’s form was Glaurie’s mother Hibbie’s who as an artist created renderings of Mary.
As a Woman of the World having travelled around it Glaurie brings me objects from sacred Mary sites.
The rosary is from Assisi connecting St Clare and St Francis, the Poor Clare Sisters and the Clare’s candle.
Maarten and I have been to Assisi and been held in the grace of Clare and Francis.
The Fairy Candle from near our mother’s root place, connecting the child.
Glaurie tells brilliant stories but it is the resonance I feel and sense in her and in the objects she has carried back
that opens my heart to the Mary connection.
Glaurie created a video of the creation of Ken’s Pieta as a gift for Ken and Sara.
Mary Troy and Maarten
Link to Mary and Me
It is the original spark in the heart of the Holy Spirit or knowing of the feminine grace that is my attracter factor.
The music of ‘Ave Maria’

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another direct current sings itself in my heart.
Mary is my still point as the sculpture depicts Mary receiving the original connection.
When Maarten and I travelled in Europe it was the little Mary Chapels in the huge cathedrals
that held me and allowed the overwhelm of too much stimulation to dissolve,
creating a still point and quietly settling into being.

Stillness of Mary

In Gratitude,
Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Steward of Sacred Hope
Storyteller of Maarnada

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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