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Barbara G. Walker, in her book ‘Women’s Rituals’ writes that this is probably one of the oldest of all seasonal festivals.  It used to be called Imbolg or Imbolc, meaning something like ‘in the belly,” a reference to the new gestation of the world spirit within the Mother.  It became a fire festival, betokening the potential heat of a new growing season, and the Goddess’s sexual fires, and the lighting of a purificatory “new fire” on every hearth—eventually including even the altars of churches, where new candles were lighted.
Our Circle of Women used to meet on this eve and sit around the Dolphin Table in North South East and West positions.
Each would speak their line from the following antiphonal Chant also written by Barbara G. Walker.
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Another ritual that we would do at this time was to write or use symbols that represented what we were willing to release.
for Community, Relationships, Family, Self
We would wrap them in little black pieces of cloth tie them and release them in the new hearth fire.
It fascinates me that at this time in this Moon Cycle My Mother was was born, I was in her womb, Maarten was born, I birthed a son, and my Mother died.
Jane O’Keefe a gifted Healer and Heller Worker was giving us ‘The Feminine treatments’ at this time.
Jane and Nadina

The following is written in the Client’s Handbook for Hellerwork Structural Integration:
 “The theme of this section is “The Feminine,”  and the theme of the next section is “The Masculine.”
Both principles are equally important in life and each exists within every person, male or female.
The pelvic girdle and the legs represent the feminine principle.  The pelvis houses the womb – ultimate symbol of nurturance – and the legs connect us to Mother Earth.  The feminine principle represents the power of attraction.  Where masculine energy works through action and directed effort,

The feminine way manifests through the medium of intention and receptivity, rather than form and activity.  The feminine deals with beauty and well-being, complementing the masculine which deals with order and the law.


Feminine vessel by artist Sonia Galbraith

How do you manifest the feminine style?  Do you trust this approach to life and the power of being receptive?  In this moment we explore how you use the feminine principle and how you can bring it into balance in your life.
Consider the role of the feminine principle in your life.  Notice an area of your life where hard work is not getting results.  This could be at work, in relationships, or in creative activities.  Relax your effort, while maintaining your attention and intention on your desired results.  Assume they will come to you.  See what happens.
It has been a year now since Jim and I began my website.  We have marked ever hinge date significant to me while working with the seasons.
A new circle of women is forming through the ‘Women of Wisdom’ page.
These are all women who I have worked with and have followed their creative truth.
Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Steward of Sacred Hope
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada

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