Our Grandkitty Fuji

Our Grandkitty Fuji

Fuji's story begins in 1994 as a young courageous kitten.  Fuji had climbed up a tree at our nephew Jamie's house where our youngest son Troy was living.

The adorable gray and white kitten's crying captured their attention and Troy climbed the tree and rescued him.

With friend Lisa they asked around the neighbourhood, put flyers on telephone poles, and put an ad in the paper.  No response, so the kitten was named Fuji after Mount Fuji as Troy had worked in Japan.

Fuji watching Troy shave
(Fuji supervising Troy 1994)

Fuji takes full credit for inspiring Troy to by a firefighter and suggesting Troy be Mr. January 2009 in the firefighter calendar
Troy and Fuji

Between travels Troy, Lisa, and Fuji came to live at Maarnada.  Troy found work at a waterfront estate where they wanted him to live while they were away.  As the lady of the house was allergic to cats Fuji stayed at Maarnada.

Maarten and I weren't thrilled with the responsibility of Fuji.  We were challenged by Troy's choice to bring a cat into his life. Troy had allergies to cats as a child and as a Mother I was very protective of his air space.

However, as we got to know Fuji and he settled in with us, we found him coming into our hearts.

You will notice that Fuji is my constant companion on my morning walks at sunrise.  Very independent, Fuji has made Maarnada his.  He chooses who he will connect with and our Circle of Women was his favourite social time.

Fuji nuzzling seal pup

Each new sculpture that has been created receives Fuji's attention and approval.
The larger ones are gently nuzzled and welcomed.

Fuji in the garden

Our Foo Cat sits guarding the Japanese garden.

Fuji and Maarten

Fuji chats with the sculptor about being Mary's cat in a previous life time and being the inspiration for
Mary of Maarnada.

Fuji Cat Whisperer to Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada

Farewell Fuji

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada


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