Go In Peace

Go In Peace

In the Spirit Petal of the Rose this morning I heard Maarten's Mother's voice.......
"In Peace Saceride".....at least that is what it sounded like.  It was incredibly peaceful.
I mentioned it to Maarten.  He thought it meant "In Peace angry person" and then he went for his walk.
While he was away a bouquet of flowers called to be rearranged.  There were only two purple tulips in the bouquet and their stems broke short.
I was instructed to place them in a vase and put them in Maarten's workshop.  When he returned from his walk he had stopped in his studio and saw them glowing in the morning light.
Maarten had always felt angry at himself for not being more present to his Mother before she died.
For me, the over whelming feeling of the morning message was of her love for him and request to release his self anger.
Maarten returned to the studio to work on the Vancouver Island Marble 'Tale of Relationships' you see in the picture.

Wizgym Jim came to work with me on the website and we had been talking about relationships where the communication of love had been severed.
Maarten was suddenly outside the window calling to me.  Jim left, and I went down to see Maarten.
He came out of his studio, with  the broken sculpture one piece in each of his hands.
He decided to release it.  We went down to the Ocean and said a prayer.
We thanked the stone, the message, and the love of new beginnings....
We each released our piece into the healing waters as marble in its original form of ammonites, coral, and clams came from the Ocean.

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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