Grand Mother Hannah

Grandma Hanna’s Feast Day

September 12, 1921

What is a Feast Day my niece asked me?

It is the day a saint dies and ascends to Heaven.

Is Grandma Hanna a saint?

For me she is like an Angel spirit or a memory of an ancestor who assists me.

How does she assist you? 

She comes to me when a member of the family is dying and asks me to comfort family members.

Has she always been with you?

It was my Mother Ruth’s story of Grandma Hanna that made me aware of her presence.

Please tell me the story…..

In Cincinnati, Ohio, when my Mother Ruth was four years old, her Mother Hanna died.
Of Swedish decent, Hanna was only thirty-four years of age.  She had emigrated from Sweden with your Grandfather Axel Anderson around 1908.
Hanna gave birth to her first son Steve in Sweden, the other six children would be born in Ohio.
Family in car

Wow, that was very young to die and a lot of children.

Yes, and she had also birthed twins that had died.  So nine births that we know about.

The one memory that little Ruth had of her Mother Hanna was seeing her spirit fly out the window.

Whenever Ruth told me the story I could feel Grandma Hanna’s presence.

What did that feel like?

It was like a warm blanket of energy that would come over me and then she would settle in my heart.
It felt tingly.

I can feel it too.

Yes, you have the gift as well. 

The eldest daughter Violet shared that Grandma Hanna was very beautiful and Violet got to brush her long hair and hear the stories.

Grandma Hanna was said to be a midwife and a healer prior to her Mothering role.

As I went through my change in life, I became very interested in the stories of the Grandmothers that had never had their stories told.

I wrote that intention in my journal….. shortly afterwards pictures of the Grandmothers got sent to me.

I set up a shrine on Mother’s Day with the pictures of them and invited the female members of the family.
Female members of the family

In the early morning light, looking at their pictures, I found myself talking to them.

“I am so sorry I know nothing about you.”
I wrote that line in my journal along with the virtues of Courage, Steadfastness and Compassion I felt in them.
Then I sat quietly just being with them.
Then through my journal they wrote.

Do not concern yourself with our story, we evolve through you. Take us with you.

A simple very profound truth that I would have to grow into.

It was on February 10th 1998 that Ruth’s story of where they lived and that she was four years old, prompted me to send for Hanna’s Death Certificate.

It wanted to find me as well because it came to me very quickly.

The only day that is accurate or readable on the certificate is the day Hanna died September 12, 1921.

From that moment forward I began celebrating Hanna on her day.  Always at sunrise because that is the time of connection when the veil between Heaven and Earth is thin
and she connected with me. It is in honoring her and being grateful that more loving energy surrounds me.

The ‘Circle of Women’ once told me that when Mother’s die before their children are grown, or if there is other unfinished business, they will return to guide and assist.
Oftentimes, they will incarnate in the next generation. If there isn’t a blood line, they will even birth into other families to be close.

Women of spirit have been attracted to me throughout my life, many being nuns and their celebration of Feast Days. I incorporated that tradition into my Spiritual Practice.

As important and significant as our birthdays are in coming on to the planet so are the days we return. Those who love us celebrate us home.

When I was practicing the Art of Spiritual Companioning a nurse came to me.  She wanted to change her profession into more of a spirit based healing career.

As I listened to her story, she shared that she had worked for many years in a birthing ward. Later in her career she had worked in a Hospice ward where people died.

This brilliant woman said, “It is like a revolving door”, they come in and go out.

For me, it is not about proving this to be a truth….. it resonates with me so it is a truth for me.

Recently, my sister Bonnie’s son Bradley died. He was the youngest of six children. At Brad’s Celebration of Life on September 11th 2009 my sister Bonnie came to greet me.
She was radiant in sapphire blue that made her eyes filled with light flash at me even though she had been crying all day.

Bonnie said, “When looking for pictures of Brad, she had found the book and pictures I had created for our Mother Ruth about Ruth, Hanna and her family.

Bonnie’s courage and love in speaking at the celebration of Brad’s life connected with her faith. There is another place we go. Some call it Heaven.

Before they died, all of the Anderson sisters had a vision of Happy Valley Heaven and their ancestors waiting for them on the other side.

Brad, may have been sixth in line to come on to the planet, but he was the first of his generation to return.
Much healing went on through his journey home and celebration of his life.
A new star in the night sky, and no further away than our loving memories that live forever and always in our hearts.

Bonnie speaking at Brad's Celebration of Life

It is hard to walk the road of the Brutally Beautiful, death of a loved one takes us to our knees.
Going through the grief and sharing is not the road of the faint of heart.  Having the courage to birth our loved ones back to the Universe is as painful as birthing them on to the planet.

It comforts me, that on Grandma Hanna’s Feast Day, in giving thanks to her I am at peace and that in my heart Brad is also at peace.

Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee, Storyteller of Maarnada
September 12, 2009

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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