"Heart Songs"

As I hadn't got a picture of "Sara's Song" on its own, I was out taking a picture of the other "Song Bird" sculpture.
Green Bird
The little Song Sparrow started posing high atop Aquila's Wings making sure I got both sides.
Song Sparrow on Aquila's wingsSong Sparrow on Aquila's wings
Standing on the Maarnada Rose, I heard the Robin and then there it stood ever so briefly on Mary's head.
Robin on Mary's head
Down in the stone studio I spotted my heart bird a "Rose Song Dove".
It is easily held in my hand and can travel with me.
Rose Song Dove in my hand
 I asked Maarten to gift me with the "Rose Song Dove".
You can see the cut in the thumb, caused by the little bird being a little small for those very large hands and the sculptor's tools.
Rose Song Dove in Maarten's hands
Peace came with me as he gifted me with my 'Heart's Song'
'Heart's Song in Peace Petals
As if in affirmation the 'Song Sparrow' sang from high atop 'Orcas Wings'
Song Sparrow onĀ Orca Wings
As I down loaded the pictures Maarten had returned from his walk.
At the same time Maarten called me,  I heard the Orcas deep out breath as a family of four cruised close to our rocks.
The 'Song Sparrow' continued to sing as the Orcas' great blows sounded.
Maarten said, "Did you hear the 'Song Sparrow' at the same time?
There is a sculpture there.
 The 'Song Sparrow was letting us know their arrival".

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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