Hockey Day In Canada

I awake standing on the podium singing O Canada
Receiving the Gold Medal with all Canadians
In my heart we have won the Gold
Spark from the sun on Mt. Olympus that lit the flame
What lights it in the hearts of each of us?
It begins for me listening to the theme music from Hockey Night In Canada
on the radio with my Dad.
Just typing his name in has him with me
acting out each moment of the game.
The joy the rage the Guy stuff!
Yelling out his version of the right doing and wrong doing!
Now as everything is ever present in the moment
we will allow the gold into our hearts of moments shared.
The Memorial Arena for the Victoria Cougars Game
Dad and Nade 1960
The last time we were at the Arena together May 1967
 when I received the Silver Medal as 1st Princess to Miss Victoria.
He was jubilant but said they made a mistake
I should have been Queen!
Way huge for me, to receive that affirmation from my father
who would have preferred boys.
I will watch the game with Dad in my heart
Nadina's Dad
Now ‘When Peace Comes’ stands in the new Save On Foods Memorial Centre
A gift from Maarten and I and the War veterans.
This stone is for my father and all who served.
The Canadian Nadian yes, seriously I am changing my name.
Dad called me Nad, Naden, but Nadian brings it all together
Hey Dad, how about the Canadian Women’s Hockey Gold?
How many of them began their love of the game by sharing it with their Dads?
I love this Country, her people and this generous land.
I found the Hockey Night In Canada theme
and Dad and I are together again even with the new theme
and the Closing Ceremony of which grandson Trevor will be a part.
No not as a hockey player but as the breath of the wind that blows life into all things.
On behalf of all Canadians I allow my heart to open to receive the Gold Medal
Lets welcome the glow in.
What sparks your heart to believe that in adversity we become strong?
 Is it the showing up for the game of life?
And learning to work with what we are given
by creating unique ways of using our talents?
With glowing hearts we see thee rise
Our true North strong and free
And stand on guard the world to see
We open our hearts with thee.
Hockey is our game that we gave to the Olympics!
And we gratefully receive the Gold Medal.
Nadian Storyteller of Maarnada

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