The Little Shoes of Hope

The Ravens call outside my window....They always remind me
of our canoe named Raven that Maarten built.

Renee and Nadina

In the Spring of 1994, my Heart Daughter Renee, helped build a Tribal Journeys Canoe
called 'Raven Song' and Renee is the Storyteller in this link to 'Raven Song'.
Tsimshain Artist and carver Bill Helin, had dedicated 'Raven Song' in honour of his Grandparents.

Renee was called Hope by the other artists building 'Raven Song' and
Nadina means Hope, so the little shoes, of which we speak, have a lot
of Hope connections.
Renee's brother Sean and wife, Tanya, announced their pregnancy
with their future son, Dominic, at a dinner in their home in 2002.
The family also asked God's blessing on Renee and Dave's prayer
to conceive a child.
For six and a half long years, Renee, had longed for a baby
She had surgery to unblock her tubes in April 2005.

The same year, it was my first visit to Renee and Dave's home
for her Mother Andrea's 60th Birthday.
I met Renee at the top of the stairs in the kitchen.
The light beamed through the window and my Spiritual Eye saw her pregnant.
In truth she appeared to me as the Goddess of Fertility.

In my sharing the smaller vision, Renee would ask a number of times over the next years,
"Are you sure you saw me pregnant?"
"Do you know when that might be?"

My answer was, "Yes, I saw you pregnant"
"No, I don't know when. It always feels like 'NOW' in the Spirit Realm"

In 2007 Renee and Dave chose the fertility route,
high quality eggs were harvested
and they called Renee the Easter Bunny.

Renee became pregnant but miscarried.

Taking a little time out Renee and Dave went to Disneyland
and after one more try
decided to take a break from the fertility route.

A few months later, Maarten and I were on our date,
when in a store, called 'My Sister's Closet', I saw a little pair of baby shoes.
They were little Fire person shoes. Renee and David are both volunteer Firefighters.
The little shoes were GLOWING and asked me to send them to Renee.
The little shoes were GLOWING and asked me to send them to Renee.

When I got into the car, I shared the shoes with Maarten.
He was very concerned that by sending the shoes it might hurt Renee
as she hadn't become pregnant.

The Vision, My Heart, and the Little Shoes insisted I send them.
Renee received them with great delight and called them her shoes of Hope.

Six months later
Renee's friend Ruth had sensed Renee becoming pregnant
and her Bella Dad had a dream of her having twins.
Renee and David would naturally conceive the Bella Boy in April 2008
He would be born January 9, 2009.
It's a BOY!

The Bella Liam Alexander Hildebrand would fill the little shoes of Hope.
We give thanks for the blessings.

Renee's friend Belle from work shared with her that in the
Jewish Faith this was a 'Seven year' which meant completion and perfection.
Renee holding Liam i the shoesPicture of Dave holding Liam in the shoes

I wanted to complete the month of May with this story.
Thank-you to Mother Earth for holding, nurturing and supporting us on this Earth Walk.
And on this day of Pentecost, gratitude for the gift of the Holy Spirit
and the breath of the Wind that blows Spirit into life.


Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Steward of Sacred Hope
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada

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Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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