Blessings On Mid Summer Solstice

Every little breeze was singing to me this morning.

The Crescent Moon still in the Sky hovered like a feather.
Moon Feather

On my walk the Robin on Uli's head caught my attention
her nest sits above the walk way.
Song bird on Uli

The Song Sparrow sang its heart song and connected me to mine.

The reflected light of the rising sun on the Mother Goddess Uli was our next gift.


We who greet the Sun glory in this longest day of Light.
The brilliant fire of Heaven, the living heat, the world's golden Moontides.
We behold the Sun shines within ourselves
With the light in our hearts in all seasons of the turning year,
We behold the Sun shines within ourselves.

The Grandmother Spirit of the Eagle lands on the branch above us.
Grandmother Spirit of the Eagle
White Feather the gift of the Wisdom of the Grandmothers.

An affirmation of Grace.

Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Steward of Sacred Hope

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