Through His Mother's Eyes
Celebrating Trevor's Birthday

Maarten Nadina and baby Trevor

I celebrated our son Trevor Maarten Schaddelee's Birthday
by greeting the sun rise at exactly 5:35 a.m. June 25th the time of his birth.
Reflecting on the beginning of his life journey was a blessing in the morning light.
Throught His Mother's Eyes - Sunrise
We decided to try for a child in the Autumn of 1969 and I immediately became pregnant.
The pregnancy was a total joy I was healthy, happy, and excited!
Although I do admit to fainting at the prenatal class when they showed the birthing film.
 The baby didn't arrive on the scheduled date of June 5th.
On the eve of June 24th I went into labour.
A challenging birth for mother and child, The baby was in a posterior position
and had to be turned by forceps.
The specialist decided to put the 8 lb 6 oz boy into an incubator.
From the phone in the hall I was able to call a very excited new Dad Maarten at the Bakery.
He came right away and got to see us before they wheeled Trevor away.
There was a bit of a communication gap as my Doctor left on holiday right after the birth.
It was a hard time for the young Mom to wait to hold her baby.
It was the compassionate Mrs. Monroe in the next bed that asked the nurses
when I would get my baby and they brought him to me right away.
That was the longest three days of my life,
But when I held him, the magic began, total love of this soon to be beautiful boy.

The pictures tell the story from the coming home from the hospital picture
in front of our built for us home on San Capri Terrace
to Trevor's marriage to Sacha at Maarnada
September 1st 2007.


Trevor - a little older

Trevor and Sacha's Wedding Day at Maarnada

Now, Trevor would say, "You need to embellish a story.... as the truth is boring"
but that story will be for Trevor to tell!

I was horrified that because Trevor was bumped and bruised by the delivery
that on first viewing, his Auntie Karen said, "He looks like Uncle Festus, from the Adam's family"
and laughed like only Auntie Karen can!
 The Schaddelee Family said, "He looked like a monkey"
because he was overcooked and had a little bit of dark fuzz growing on one side of his face.
It broke my heart at the time.
But Trevor loves to tell of his tortured life and particularly
loves the part where his first pee was directed at the specialist.
Thankfully the specialist laughed
and said, "Everything is working"

Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Proud Mother of Trevor Maarten Stewart Schaddelee
First born son of Nadine and Maarten


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