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Blessing Of The Maarnada Rose Stone

Blessing Of The Maarnada Rose Stone

Dawn light stone and rose

Mary and rose glow

The sculptor at one with the stone

Maarten sitting on Rosetting stone

Gratitude and Peace in the Morning Light

Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada



Mother’s Day Rose Tea Party


Mother’s Day Rose Tea Party

Will-he Fuji

Fuji, Faery, Will-he, and the Maarnada Wonder Team were sitting in the Maarnada Dawn Light

Faery said, “I would like to have a Rose Tea Party for all of the Mothers!”
Will-he imagined it would be a wonder filled idea and the Angel’s and Fairies agreed,
so they helped Faery and Will-he put out the Granddaughter’s Rose Tea Set.

Tea Set

Faery and Will-he knew exactly what they wanted to serve at the Mother’s Rose Tea.
So they asked Fuji to help them pick a Wild Rose.
Fuji asked the Wild Rose if it would like to join them.
The Wild Rose said, “On behalf of the Flower Realm I would be delighted!”
So Fuji took the beautiful Wild Rose to Faery.

Fuji, faery with rose in hand and Will-he

They placed a Heart shaped Wild Rose Petal in each of the Cups
and an extra one on the plates of Grantie Nadina and Uncle Maarten.

Tea set with Rose petals

Then the Song Sparrow landed in Faery’s magic basket and assisted to sing the Mother’s Heart Song
at the Rose Tea…
Song Sparrow in Faery’s basket

Suddenly they were beamed onto the Maarnada Rose
Faery and Will-he on Rose

Then Faery, Will-he and all of Wonder and Nature invited Grantie Nadina and Uncle Maarten to join them
and they did!
Faery asked Grantie to pour the Rose Tea and Will-he gave Uncle Maarten a thermos to take with him
when he went to work

Later Faery, Will-he and Mable the Lizard served Tea in Uncle Maarten’s Wood Studio.
Wood Studio

And then to complete a perfect day they served Tea to their favourite Mother
and Faery modeled her Granddaughter’s dress.
in Gallery with Nadina and Group

Every day is Mother’s Day when we tell our Mothers “I Love You”
I do,
Love you,
With all my heart!

Nadine A. Stewart Schaddelee Storyteller of Maarnada



May Eve Blessing

May Eve Blessing

Celebrating the eve we met....
42 years ago May 1st

"May I have this Dance for the rest of my life.
Will you be my partner every night.
I thank-you my darling for being just right.
May we have this Dance for the rest of our life.
In gratitude to the Universe that put us together on this May Eve 1968.

Princess Met Her Prince

Nadina Stewart Schaddelee Story Teller of Maarnada



Gifts For My Granddaughter


Gifts For My Granddaughter


From My Little Girl to Yours

Blessings of New Possibilities





You are the Sorceress

Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada




Celebrating A Decade Of The Peace Stone

Celebrating A Decade Of The Peace Stone

Stop on Earth Day or any day and touch the Peace Stone
Giving thanks for our Earth and the Peace we wish to be.

Millennium Peace Touchstone on Clover Point’s original blessing

Earth Day April 22, 2000

Think peace, speak peace, love peace, seek peace
Sow peace, reap peace, share peace, keep peace
Take peace, give peace, hold peace, live peace
Hear peace, see peace, touch peace, be peace

Pachelbel’s Peace Meditation
(Music by J. Pachelbel; words by Denis Donnelly)

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The Getting’ Higher Choir intoned Millennium Peace
Directed by Shivon Robinsong
Denis Donnelly on Harp

More About the Millennium Peace



Sheralynnee Nadine’s 45th Birthday Gift

Sheralynnee Nadine’s 45th Birthday Gift

The stars sparkling the birds singing

The light painting the sky

Candles lit

I sit writing in my big book you gave me to draw in.

Suddenly the sound of loud footsteps above

Oh my goodness gracious me your Uncle Maarten is awake

I make him coffee and he goes down to the Maarnada Sunrise Terrace
Uncle Maarten
I go down to join him and hear the sound of the phantom boat
That had arrived on Maarnada beach yesterday,
banging against Bradley Maarten Rock
Tell Sheralynn I love her
Tell Sheralynn not to cry
Tell Sheralynn I’m in her heart
And know I’d never lie.

Auntie take pictures
Auntie make sure you see the boat and her sunrise
Auntie let her know this her boat
das' boot
And I am taking her for a ride
Where would you like to go Sis?
How high would you like to fly?
How would you decorate this boat
A little beat up in some people’s eyes
But in yours the magic flies!
Happy Days
Auntie go sing her Happy Birthday
I want her to hear from us first
I am so excited to be with you
I am about to burst
Maarten and Nadine
Love Bradley Maarten
Star Brother of Sheralynn Nadine.
With assistance of Auntie Nadine and Uncle Maarten



Spring Equinox - Rock of Jamie

Spring Equinox
Rock of Jamie

Equal light and Equal Darkness on this day of balance
In the Dawn light I go down to welcome the sun
Aquila’s wings hold the sun as it rises.
Aquila with sun
I hear voices calling as I turn to see Maarten and nephew Jamie.
The two Aquarians are biding me farewell as they journey to Vancouver.
They are on a mission to find a rock for Jamie’s Eagle
Jamie and Maarten by truck
On my return to the garden to turn on the ponds I see the wooden alter bowl
and I am inspired to place it on the ceremonial table in the Tea House
I place my ball in it…
Ball in wooden bowl
I am now on retreat …
I place two camellias in Troy’s Vessel
Fuji my constant companion climbs up for a drink.
He is our Grandkitty by way of  our son Troy another Aquarian.
Fuji story
Fuji drinking from vessel
The beauty of the Quince (a plant growing when we moved here} is glowing in the morning light
and creates a portal for the gateway
Quince and gateway
Returning to the ocean side Uli (Uli and Me Story) with Aquila connects the masculine and feminine
energy of marriage and co-creation
Uli and Aquila
On the Maarnada Rose the two Mary’s come to me from Tapestry
The story I wrote last year on this day. Welcoming Spring
The Earth Mother Shares her treasures
Stones are the bones of the Earth.
Earth Mother with stones
I spend the day in rapture as the bird songs, buzzing of the newly hatched
and promise of Spring envelope me.

Late afternoon the Aquarian’s return with their one ton Mother Load of twenty-five multi hewed rocks.
The boys with a mother load of stones
With the strength and vitality of ‘Do It’ they unload the truck.
Jamie with black stone
Possible stone for Jamie is now in the Stone studio.
As we bid Jamie farewell, an Eagle lands on the rock below.
The next time we see Jamie he will have had his jaw surgery
That is another story.
Abundant Blessings of Spring
Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Steward of Sacred Hope
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada
Proud Aunt of Jamie Stewart Pearce

Who is a Rock for our family





Warmth of fireplace
Light of candles
Standing Reading my Fairy Tale Book
A Fairy Tale Book

Author Alice Miller said:
 “There are needs that can and should be satisfied in the present.
Among these is every human beings central need to express themselves.
To show herself to the world the way she really is in word,
In gesture, in behaviour, in every genuine utterance
From the baby’s cry to the artist’s creation.

The key to this affirmation is that life has to be satisfying in the present.
Now is the time to be happy
Not when
I have more money, a better job, the person of my dreams, more time
Happiness that has reasons for it….
Is only another form of misery.
Bliss is when you are happy for no reason whatsoever
In the mere fact of existence.

To know this bliss…
It is closer to me than my mind,
closer to me than my body and it follows me
wherever I go.”

Embracing the moment
I am away to dance and stretch
In the morning light
Catching the Sun
I catch the sunrise
And share it with you.

Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Steward of Sacred Hope
Storyteller of Maarnada



The Creation of Ken’s Pieta

The Creation of Ken’s Pieta

In my last visit with Ken he was excited about me being with Maarten as I came and sat beside Ken on his bed.
He was sipping Perrier out of a little green bottle. Maarten had shared a book called 'Michelangelo's Mountain' with Ken.  Ken devoured it and said, They were brothers in stone.
Email note from Ken:
“Thanks (again) – I was wondering how things were going.   With over three hundred pictures taken by Nadina and daily notes my experience has been so heightened by the book as I am enjoying it so much.  What a great book, particularly when coupled with the work in progress.
I’m very proud of my small part in having this work done.  I think Maarten may curse me at times but then at the end of the day I think both of us will have completed an interesting journey into ourselves.
Thank-you again for your friendship, your thoughtfulness and for letting me persuade Maarten to do something somewhat different.  There is a lot of Maarten in this work already and I’m sure it will just get better.  There is a lot of me in that it has forced me to think outside my box of words and recognize that there are many languages and some have no words at all.”
Maarten and Ken  

 Ken had three physical visits to Maarnada during the sculpting.  The first is shown in this picture.
Now, at his bedside, Ken was animated as he told me he had something for me.  He said he knew I was challenged reading as the words jump around, but there were few words and mostly pictures and he felt I would like it.  He smiled as from under the bedcovers he pulled out a black linen covered book.  'The Creation of Ken's Pieta' A Sculpture by Maarten Schaddelee as told in pictures by Nadina Schaddelee a gift from Ken and his wife Sara. Ken was so excited that it had arrived early so that he could share it with me.  I kept stroking the cover and looking at the pictures and few words. 

 He knew me well...and our hearts knew each other well.
Ken's Pieta

Ken brought up the conversation of last Goodbyes.  He had mentioned that someone had visited but hadn't said 'Goodbye'.  Attempting to be helpful I said,
“You don't always have to say it in words, you can feel it and send it.”
I kissed him on the forehead and told him I would treasure the book and the sharing, as Ken had brought Mary back to me.  In his gift through the Pieta Maarten brought Mary into form and I had anchored the energy.  I am a Stone Whisperer, and a companion to the soul and spirit. My love of Mary and Mary’s love for me had been received by my touch at each sunrise during her creation. At Ken’s request his Pieta had been sculpted in Carrara marble of which Michelangelo had created his Pieta.  In Michelangelo’s a young Mary is holding her son after he has died.
Michelangelo's Pieta

Before we left I saw a picture of Ken, taken long before we had met him. I commented that 'He had a moustache in the picture'. 

 "Nadina, I still have a moustache."
He did, and stopping to comment on the picture had given me a moment to go back to Ken and see it.  We laughed, and then Ken said,

“Nadina, you didn't say, 'Goodbye'.  So I kissed his forehead, and stroked his cheek and said, “Goodbye”.
“Nadina, you are 'My sister in stone.”
 “Ken, you are forever in my heart.” 

 Maarten and I walked out to the car.  I got in the car, clutched the book to my chest, and wept. 
 My body it knew this would be the last time I would see Ken alive.
Ken with his Pieta

Visits in Spirit are a whole other matter. As Ken not only orchestrated another sculpture for Sara's parents, but companioned us on the creation of my Mary that would be a gift for my 62nd birthday. 'Mary and Me'

Ken lived his life well and at 47 years of age died on March 9th 2008 at home in the loving arms of his beloved Sara with their faithful dog Seabee by their side.

Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada
Sister In Stone to Ken.



Hockey Day In Canada

Hockey Day In Canada

I awake standing on the podium singing O Canada
Receiving the Gold Medal with all Canadians
In my heart we have won the Gold
Spark from the sun on Mt. Olympus that lit the flame
What lights it in the hearts of each of us?
It begins for me listening to the theme music from Hockey Night In Canada
on the radio with my Dad.
Just typing his name in has him with me
acting out each moment of the game.
The joy the rage the Guy stuff!
Yelling out his version of the right doing and wrong doing!
Now as everything is ever present in the moment
we will allow the gold into our hearts of moments shared.
The Memorial Arena for the Victoria Cougars Game
Dad and Nade 1960
The last time we were at the Arena together May 1967
 when I received the Silver Medal as 1st Princess to Miss Victoria.
He was jubilant but said they made a mistake
I should have been Queen!
Way huge for me, to receive that affirmation from my father
who would have preferred boys.
I will watch the game with Dad in my heart
Nadina's Dad
Now ‘When Peace Comes’ stands in the new Save On Foods Memorial Centre
A gift from Maarten and I and the War veterans.
This stone is for my father and all who served.
The Canadian Nadian yes, seriously I am changing my name.
Dad called me Nad, Naden, but Nadian brings it all together
Hey Dad, how about the Canadian Women’s Hockey Gold?
How many of them began their love of the game by sharing it with their Dads?
I love this Country, her people and this generous land.
I found the Hockey Night In Canada theme
and Dad and I are together again even with the new theme
and the Closing Ceremony of which grandson Trevor will be a part.
No not as a hockey player but as the breath of the wind that blows life into all things.
On behalf of all Canadians I allow my heart to open to receive the Gold Medal
Lets welcome the glow in.
What sparks your heart to believe that in adversity we become strong?
 Is it the showing up for the game of life?
And learning to work with what we are given
by creating unique ways of using our talents?
With glowing hearts we see thee rise
Our true North strong and free
And stand on guard the world to see
We open our hearts with thee.
Hockey is our game that we gave to the Olympics!
And we gratefully receive the Gold Medal.
Nadian Storyteller of Maarnada


When the Princess Met Her Prince

When the Princess Met Her Prince

May Eve 1968
Culinary Arts Ball, Victoria, B.C.

It was my last official function as Princess of Victoria when I was asked to dance
at the Culinary Arts Ball
Nadina in her Princess Dress

Smiling from ear to ear, the blond handsome Prince of Pastries and Passion, led me onto the dance floor.

He was a great dancer and I loved to dance.

When he returned me to the head table, Princess Charlet told me he was of the Family
Schaddelee of the Dutch Bakery and Coffee Shop,
and they were all MARRIED!

When, he corrected me, Maarten returned to ask me for another dance, I accepted. 
 However, I asked the question......"Are you married?"


We danced as much as we could, after all I had Princess responsibilities.
After a few dances, we walked outside and he showed me his White Steed with much horse power.

Steed with Much Horse Power

He called me the next day and we went for a walk and talk. 
It was a huge feat of Courage for him as he had to come over the Blue Bridge from Oak Bay.
 I had to not be embarassed by the tweed racing cap, scarf and leather gloves in the White Steed showing up in Vic West.
Even though we were from different lands there was magic in our connection.
Later, we would find we had met on the stage of the Crystal Garden's when we were fifteen,
The picture was found in his Aunt's photo album on our second visit to Holland.
Divine synchronism......Maarten an award winning Swimmer on stage with the Dancer.
We were both doing what we loved and that is what brought us together.

On Stage at the Cystal

 Our paths had crossed many times including,
The Dutch Bakery being directly across the street from my Dance Studio.

Eleven days later, Maarten asked me to marry him.
I said, "YES"

I said Yes

We married five months later on the eve of October 26th 1968
There was much dancing and merriment.
That is another story.



You Are

You Are

You are my hands

You are my hands

You are my heart

You are my cradle

From where all things start


I Dance Therefore I am

I Dance Therefore I am

I'm dusting off my tap shoes

Putting on my bright smile

Dancing on the tiles

Putting on my dance shoes - today

I 'm feeling good all over

Got a four leaf clover

Singing out my song!

Putting on my dance shoes - yesterday

Nadine Stewart Dancer of Maarnada


Home Sweet Home Maarnada


~ Click the image below for a much larger view ~



Easter Visitors

Easter Visitors to Maarnada




Path of Human Kindness

Path of Human Kindness

It is Sunrise Easter Sunday April 12 2009

On route to Maarnada's Garden I stop at the top

of the Path of Kindness

A gift from Susan and David Price

Path of Human Kindness

Five years ago prior to the Magic Cerebellum Bus Tour to Vancouver...

my balance, eye sight, and numbness in my limbs was so impaired

I couldn't get into my beloved Garden to welcome the sun.

David Price saw the solution immediately and sent his crew to build the path.

Path of Human Kindness from the garden

I had made my Peace in the Garden before I left

Path of Human Kindness - Mary

On my return home David and Susan had a wooden path built over the front slate path

so my wheel chair, head and neck could have a smooth ride.

My return to the Garden was where I would heal and regain my strength...

 thanks to physical paths and Human Kindness

Path of Human Kindness - Uli

The inspiration of the Beauty of Nature and the Hawaiian Goddess Uli,

who with the breath of her mate gave birth to the living waters, was a powerful symbol created by Maarten.

The Great Mother Goddess helped me bring forth my inner gifts 

 and give birth to my new self.

Nadina of Maarnada


Forever Friends

Forever Friends

Floss Female Family Friends Roses

Floss Female Family Friends

I love Floss
always have always will

She recently greeted and guided me holding my sixty-one year old hand

in the wisdom of her eighty-three year old hand

It was my first time in the beautiful home of her Granddaughter Nicci

who was hosting a baby shower for her cousin Renee

GG Great Grandmother as Floss is affectionately called

took me on a tour of Nicci's home

The magical realms of pink greeted us in her Great Granddaughter's bedroom

I could live here

Later as all of the food festively covered the dining table the women gathered

and shared stories

Nicci is an absolute gift of womanhood in all of her guises

Loving, creative, nest builder, granddaughter, daughter, mother, wife, friend, "Tooth Floss Fairy"

Gentle Strong Wonder Woman

GG's crystal clear pale blue eyes sparkle in her loving matriarchal role to all present

Dressed in amethyst she is the forever ray of the rainbow

As a gift of Gratitude Candy Floss pink Camilla's from Maarnada's garden
are a symbol of Floss's four generations
floating in a circle
always connected through their love, emotions, laughter, human kindness

I give grateful thanks to my school friend Diana, oldest daughter of Floss

who connected me to this amazing circle of women

Daughters Dale and Barb

Cousins Andrea, daughter Renee my heart daughter, daughter-in-law Tanya

the granddaughters and great granddaughters

the space that holds us and the grace that enfolds us.

Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee

Nadina of Maarnada


Wind Chimes of Easter

Wind Chimes of Easter

Maarten had recently retired from his Family business The Dutch Bakery and Coffee Shop Ltd

to become a full time artist

My last day of selling Easter Bunnies and Eggs and all things sweet and wonderful was Saturday Easter 1991

I returned home to Maarnada with Maarten smiling and needing my assistance

He had finished creating the Maarnada Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

We had been gifted with a small set of chimes and his creative mind had seen them larger

With his Father's mantra "You just do it"

He did it!

With my extra set of hands we hung them outside of his wood studio.

This morning Good Friday April 10th 2009 in the Dawn Light the Maarnada Chimes called to me.

Wind Song the sculpture sat below

She spoke to me

"We are Spirit of the ancestors blowing on the wind

Sing your soul song
Let your new life begin"

The Song Sparrow sings in the morning light and perches on the

Wild Rose branch to cheer me on

Song Sparrow

The chimes catch their intention and a gentle breeze caresses my face.

"All is well and will be well

We evolve through you

Take us with you."


Portal of Healing

Portal of Healing

On April 8, 2009 the fifth Anniversary of my 'Brain Lift' synchronism placed me in the Dental Chair.

Another Portal of Healing

I am comfortable and confident in Dr. B.B.'s and Sarah Marie's compassionate and excellent second set of hands.

My own vibrant blue neck cushion with its mold ability along with the positioning of the chair made it comfortable for me and my team

The freezing went in with a vibrating tool. I asked Sarah Marie about it. She explained that the nerves in the brain can just focus on one stimulus.

As I focused on the vibration I couldn't feel the needle and freezing going in.

The Team stayed true to their promise that my mouth wouldn't be open for too long at a time.

Lots of time outs, and a warm blanket tucked around me.

The old crown was cut off first. "We are retiring my old crown", I said

"Yes, with a beautiful new one," came his reply

I didn't have to visualize him in the Wonderfair suite as he and Sarah Marie's dance of excellence and care was accepted with confidence by my body and mouth.

Two large golden Angel Fish swam around in the large fish tank in front of me.

Golden Angels

They reminded me of Maarten's Golden Healing Dolphins swimming around the Portal.

It was challenging for My Team to get the left lower back tooth out, my part came from the inside in encouraging tooth #35

"You have served me well ....thank-you...You can let go now"....

When it came out the whole "Hallelujah Chorus" was singing

"You are a real Trooper", cheered Sarah Marie

Later she told Maarten what a strong woman I was.

"Yes, that is why I chose her and married her"

I hadn't felt my courage and decisiveness in a long time

I celebrate welcoming it back

and give heartfelt gratitude to My Team.


Aloha Spirit and Friendship

Aloha Spirit and Friendship

Pictures say more than words. Dianne and Ryan came in with the Aloha Spirit.

Diane and Ryan

Ryan was taken with Faery and Will He Workout and wanted to hear their stories. Probably because they would be
watching him as he napped.

The four of us had lunch in the Dining Room surrounded by the beautiful day and Maarten's creations. We shared stories of how each couple met.

We shared Ryan's journal from Maui with pictures of family and places, air tickets, golf score, shell necklace, and Ryan's own written words. Writing is easier for him to do and read.
It was very clear.

I saw Dianne to the car on her way to work. Returned to the house. Ryan was napping, Maarten reading, and I went upstairs for a nap.

The Sculptors

After I took a picture of the sculptors, we went for a walk around Gordon Point. Going by the Dubetz house Ryan said, "Quebecs" that was very inspiring. He kept remarking on the
beauty of the flowers, sky, and sunshine.

On our return to Maarnada I shared my website with Ryan he loved it. I read it to him and we looked at the pictures together. Just a couple of the stories.


He likes the ones on Wizgym and Rosie Wonderfair, Mary's Tear, and the picture of me in the Roses and the front page.

I printed off the pictures I sent to you and we wrote some notes. Ryan will put them in his other journal.

On my morning walk I had a vision of my new burley dentist dressed in the Rosie Wonderfair outfit transformed as the Tooth Faery and it made me laugh. Reminded me of the boys as Swans at the Maarnada Exposa. I am off to see him today so I will keep the vision close.

Time to lighten up.

Love and Laughter,
Your N


Wonder Wands and Wonder Wiz Kids

Wonder Wands and Wonder Wiz Kids

Wyzgym and Rosie

Wonder has been calling to me today through the Wonder Ones who are bringing Wonder to the Wonderland of Maarnada

Rosie has changed herself into Wonderfair as she carries her Wonder Wand and Wizgym has his Wizweb Wand

Wonderfair and Wizgym have been very excited this morning as they have directed Nadina to her Wonder Fairy Tale Book

Sheralynnee of Sparkle had created it for Nadina many years ago to write her stories in.

Now the Wonder Team are here to assist her in wonder web ways.

It is a very sparkly day today starting with the sparkling Dew of the morning light

As I had washed my face with the Dew light I remembered the Eastern Gentleman who had shared the healing of morning Dew.

Maarten is off singing with the Arbutus Singers and all is well in our world.

Today the Maar and the Nada will have their webs connected through their Websites

The Storyteller and Sculptor will be connected to Dance again.

Wonder be

Wyzgym and Rosie with the Wonder Wand


April Showers

April Showers

When April Showers come your way

They bring the flowers that bloom in May

So if it's raining, have no regrets

Because it isn't raining rain you know

It's raining vi o lets

So if you see clouds up on the hills

You soon will see crowds of daf fo dils

So if your looking for an angel

and listening for her song

Your sure to see her sparkle come along

April Showers


What If?

What If?

What if you could become your child self?
 The one who could easily transport herself into a dancing garden faery.
Can you see her?  She is about four years old totally connected to realms of wonder
She has hair like Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz
She is related to the Wild Rose Family so wears pink leggings and a pink magic dress that helps her become whatever beautiful parts of Nature she is loving.
She was given a rhinestone crown by a Princess because she helped the woman become a Princess and later at a Ball meet her Prince.
Today on April Fools Day 2009 she has chosen to call herself Rosie as she is part of the Wild Rose Family of Flowers and Morning Light.
Rosie, was also gifted by the Rainbow Angel's with a Rainbow Crystal adornment for her crown.
Rosie is much loved by the Rainbow Angels as she has journeyed through the Rainbow with them.
Now on this day of Fools when people have fun joking and playing tricks on people Rosie gave her friend Will He Workout a Magic Wizard Hat.
Well... you have all heard about Frosty and when they placed that hat on his head!!!!!!!

Well guess what?

Will He Workout didn't dance around he became really Wizard of Oz like!
You know he could go into computer land and take Rosie with him
He had all of these magical formulas with numbers and mega bits and words that Rosie didn't understand
 However, what she felt was the crazy fun and magic he was creating on their Patroness Nadina of Maarnada's website.
They were excited and delighted to see her face in the morning when she turned on her computer
to find the Wonder of Maarnada appearing on the screen.
It was then Will He Workout decided to become Wizgym and bring the Wonder of Maarnada to Computer Land.
So even though this morning is April Fools and Rosie thought the hat would be a joke
It opened Wizgym's magic creative side and made friends with the other side of his Big Brain
He even became comfortable thinking in Pink.
Sometimes the two friends have no idea what each other are talking about because they speak in different languages but they have Big Belief in each other's gifts
They can feel the magic of creativity playing with them and that has a communication that is unspoken and is just Crazy Fun.

Rosie Garden Faery of Maarnada
Super friend of Wizgym Wonder Wizard

Rosie and Wizgym


Serenity - Goddess of All


Serenity - A Gift to Nadina created by Artists Rowan Waters and Sheralynn Pearce

"Serenity" was born from stardust and light....she is derived from Lato - ancient Goddess of all -

the great mother whose breast milk nourished the universe -thus forming the "Milky Way".

Serenity is the mother in her night time guise, she is the womb from which creativity flows,

the dream time of the soul.  She represents light in the midst of darkness, bringing insight and wisdom.

"A Gift to Nadina created by Artists Rowen Waters and Sheralynn Pearce"


New Attitude Guru - Nade the Nag

New Attitude Guru
Nade the Nag

Nade the Nag returned today to congratulate me.
Nadina pointing at Fitness Canada

Twenty-eight days complete with her as my
New Attitude Guru

Training at the Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research (see my Bio)

So onto the scale where I had begun at 178 lbs.
Now to Nade the Nag's delight and Nadina's as well
162 lbs gave us the proof!

Yes, the dancing has paid off
Tap shoes with Wings

Maarten is thrilled to see his Nadine returning
and is assisting by companioning me through cheerleading and affirmation.
He has also supported my choices of anti inflammatory food.
That is another story.

I've signed on with Nade the Nag again
It is wonderful to welcome her back.



Gazing Into the Wisteria


Gazing Into the Wisteria

The scent of Wisteria had been wafting into my office window
and intoxicating me with its aroma.

Gazing Into the Wisteria

To stop and look at the wonder of a Wisteria Blossom

Is to see the Beauty of Creation itself.



Healing Moments


Healing Moments

Jane O'Keeffe has been my Human Angel of Healing for six years.

She came to me first as a CranioSacral Therapist,

to release the tension in my head and neck before my brain and cervical spine surgery
and continues to companion me and assist me.

Jane - CranioSacral Therapist

I asked her to stand by 'Healing Portals' to take her picture.
She had just finished releasing all the tension from my body.

Jane is a total blessing, a dear friend and a gifted healer.



Stopping to Smell the Roses


Stopping to Smell the Roses

Good evening dear wise womyn:

Fynn and I journeyed around the West Bay walkway tonight
and found exquisite wild rose bushes, much to our delight.

His because they are his 'favorite'
"Because they smell like you mama"
Fynn and Mama, Shannon

My favorite because they remind me of you.
I told him of a magical place called Maarnada
where the wild roses love to grow and spread their scent,
and how there lives a wise and wonderful
Grantie Nadina
who loves the roses as much as we do.
Nadina and Rose

 After asking Spirit if he could,
Fynn carefully picked one flower
and gingerly carried it all the way home.

Fynn's flower carried all the way home

Big Hugs, Shannon



The Little Shoes of Hope

The Little Shoes of Hope

The Ravens call outside my window....They always remind me
of our canoe named Raven that Maarten built.

Renee and Nadina

In the Spring of 1994, my Heart Daughter Renee, helped build a Tribal Journeys Canoe called 'Raven Song'.
Tsimshain Artist and carver Bill Helin, had dedicated 'Raven Song' in honour of his Grandparents.

Renee was called Hope by the other artists building 'Raven Song' and
Nadina means Hope, so the little shoes, of which we speak, have a lot
of Hope connections.
Renee's brother Sean and wife, Tanya, announced their pregnancy
with their future son, Dominic, at a dinner in their home in 2002.
The family also asked God's blessing on Renee and Dave's prayer
to conceive a child.
For six and a half long years, Renee, had longed for a baby
She had surgery to unblock her tubes in April 2005.

The same year, it was my first visit to Renee and Dave's home
for her Mother Andrea's 60th Birthday.
I met Renee at the top of the stairs in the kitchen.
The light beamed through the window and my Spiritual Eye saw her pregnant.
In truth she appeared to me as the Goddess of Fertility.

In my sharing the smaller vision, Renee would ask a number of times over the next years,
"Are you sure you saw me pregnant?"
"Do you know when that might be?"

My answer was, "Yes, I saw you pregnant"
"No, I don't know when. It always feels like 'NOW' in the Spirit Realm"

In 2007 Renee and Dave chose the fertility route,
high quality eggs were harvested
and they called Renee the Easter Bunny.

Renee became pregnant but miscarried.

Taking a little time out Renee and Dave went to Disneyland
and after one more try
decided to take a break from the fertility route.

A few months later, Maarten and I were on our date,
when in a store, called 'My Sister's Closet', I saw a little pair of baby shoes.
They were little Fire person shoes. Renee and David are both volunteer Firefighters.
The little shoes were GLOWING and asked me to send them to Renee.
The little shoes were GLOWING and asked me to send them to Renee.

When I got into the car, I shared the shoes with Maarten.
He was very concerned that by sending the shoes it might hurt Renee
as she hadn't become pregnant.

The Vision, My Heart, and the Little Shoes insisted I send them.
Renee received them with great delight and called them her shoes of Hope.

Six months later
Renee's friend Ruth had sensed Renee becoming pregnant
and her Bella Dad had a dream of her having twins.
Renee and David would naturally conceive the Bella Boy in April 2008
He would be born January 9, 2009.
It's a BOY!

The Bella Liam Alexander Hildebrand would fill the little shoes of Hope.
We give thanks for the blessings.

Renee's friend Belle from work shared with her that in the
Jewish Faith this was a 'Seven year' which meant completion and perfection.
Renee holding Liam i the shoesPicture of Dave holding Liam in the shoes

I wanted to complete the month of May with this story.
Thank-you to Mother Earth for holding, nurturing and supporting us on this Earth Walk.
And on this day of Pentecost, gratitude for the gift of the Holy Spirit
and the breath of the Wind that blows Spirit into life.


Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Steward of Sacred Hope
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada

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The First Rose Asked To Be Given To Mary


The First Wild Rose Asked To Be Given To Mary

The First Wild Rose Asked To Be Given To Mary



Sunset Blessing From Maarnada


Sunset Blessings From Maarnada

In the Western Sky the Light Path streams across the Bay

and sets my face and heart aglow.

I give thanks for the Beauty of this day.

Sunset Blessing from Maarnada

My Rose Song Bird glistens in reflection

Sunset Blessing from Maarnada

The scent of our first Wild Rose fills ever cell of my being

Sunset Blessing from Maarnada

All is Well.



Touched By Love

Touched By Love

May 16th 2009 the family and friends of Miller Bell came together to celebrate Miller's life.

We were welcomed into the loving home of Miller's Grandson Sean, wife Tania, sons Nathan and Dominic.

Above the fire place in the living room overlooking the gathering was Michelangelo's painting
of God reaching out to touch Adam.

It reminded me of Renee's profound photo and placing it on Maarten's sculpture that I sent to the family
after Miller died.

Touched by Love - Liam and Miller

Miller was married to Jean Ray sister of Floss Ferguson.... who I spoke about in Forever Friends.

Floss held and shared lifelong pictures of Jean, Jim and her family....

Andrea, Miller and Jean's daughter greeted me. While hugging my friend, I heard myself saying "Congratulations".

And later I would say farewell and say "Congratulations" again.

In reflection it was the perfect word.... Andrea has been a pillar of strength and faith in this family.

Miller's and Jean's life had some brutal moments including the tragic death of Jean and their son Jim.

Over the years, Miller and I had some soul filled moments and deep discussions of his life.
The first came when he had a sculpture created for his Granddaughter Renee's and David's wedding.

It would be a seal pup named Chimo in memory of Jean and her dog Chimo.

Miller told me he would have been there more for Jean but his career as a Victoria Police officer took him away.

I felt Jean's presence as she listened to Miller's plea of forgiveness....

The love streaming through comes through the touch stone.

On Good Friday April 10th 2009 the female side of the family had gathered for a shower
for Renee and Liam

As Renee and I said goodbye there were two requests for which my Heart Daughter longed....
A bouquet of gratitude for her cousin Nicci for giving the Shower
Which created the Forever Friends story

The second was time with Pappa Miller to share her Liam.
Miller had been so delighted to see
his granddaughter pregnant, healthy and glowing.

And now through Renee's pictures here is the connection
Eye to eye, heart to heart, hand to hand.

Liam and Miller

She had her last moments with Miller sharing the Bella Hildebrand Boy.

As if passing the torch, Liam had come in, connected with his Great Grandfather, and soon after Miller released.

For a life lived the best he could and a family that will continue on living life the best they can

Congratulations and Gratitude,

You are touched by Love

and Love is Forever.

On the day of the Celebration of Miller's life Renee had
placed my gift of the little fireman's shoes
on Liam's feet..... the little shoes of Hope had been filled.

That is another story.

Touched by Love - Liam and Miller


Heart Songs

"Heart Songs"

As I hadn't got a picture of "Sara's Song" on its own, I was out taking a picture of the other "Song Bird" sculpture.
Green Bird
The little Song Sparrow started posing high atop Aquila's Wings making sure I got both sides.
Song Sparrow on Aquila's wingsSong Sparrow on Aquila's wings
Standing on the Maarnada Rose, I heard the Robin and then there it stood ever so briefly on Mary's head.
Robin on Mary's head
Down in the stone studio I spotted my heart bird a "Rose Song Dove".
It is easily held in my hand and can travel with me.
Rose Song Dove in my hand
 I asked Maarten to gift me with the "Rose Song Dove".
You can see the cut in the thumb, caused by the little bird being a little small for those very large hands and the sculptor's tools.
Rose Song Dove in Maarten's hands
Peace came with me as he gifted me with my 'Heart's Song'
'Heart's Song in Peace Petals
As if in affirmation the 'Song Sparrow' sang from high atop 'Orcas Wings'
Song Sparrow on Orca Wings
As I down loaded the pictures Maarten had returned from his walk.
At the same time Maarten called me,  I heard the Orcas deep out breath as a family of four cruised close to our rocks.
The 'Song Sparrow' continued to sing as the Orcas' great blows sounded.
Maarten said, "Did you hear the 'Song Sparrow' at the same time?
There is a sculpture there.
 The 'Song Sparrow was letting us know their arrival".


Nade the Nag

Nade the Nag

I could feel her coming and there she was, "Suck it up Princess, Faery, Hag!!!

I didn't spend all of those years dancing, and training to become a first class Trainer of
Fitness Leaders, Wellness and Alternative Exercise Guru, Health Promotion and Wellness Educator to not have a space in your life!!!!!!!

 You are mine three hours a day and throughout the day I will be blowing the whistle on you!!!

Three times twice I'm telling you!!! Your body deserves some great personal training and Nade is back!

The Rose and Faeries can have you in the Dawn light, along with the WOW's and Spirit Guides.

They can also have you after lunch for a meditation and at sunset!!!

Prepare yourself because this transmission is very physical, creative, and will be given to you daily!

Do you hear me? Now go weigh yourself, let Maarten help you!

One hundred and seventy-eight pounds
178 pounds
Wow we have lots to work with!"
Now lets Dance!!!!!

Nade the Nag Personal Trainer of Nadina of Maarnada

Nad The Nag



Petals of Peace
I Heard the Song Sparrow Call My Name

I Heard the Song Sparrow Call My Name

First from the Wild Rose Branch in the East and then high atop Aquila's Wings from the North
I heard the Song Sparrow call my name
"Tell our stories... Sing your songs
Have some fun...Take us along".

I Heard the Sparrow Call My Name

Maarnada's Aquila is the bird of Zeus that came down to inspire the sculptor and storyteller of Maarnada to tell magical stories in present time


May Eve Blessing

May Eve Blessing

Love and Gratitude flow through us as we give thanks on the Maarnada Rose.

The Spirit of the Wind breathes through us as we breathe together.

May 1st 2009 is the 41st Anniversary of the day we met.

"When the Princess Met Her Prince" tells the story.

Now in present time we say thank-you to the Universe for placing us on each other's path to create a new path.

We give thanks to the Earth for holding nurturing and supporting us on this Earth Walk.

The Womb Waters of the Mother Ocean surround this point of land.

The Maar and the Nada coming together to create Maarnada.

This is a day of energetic symbolism.....dancing around the Maypole

that brings God and Goddess and the greening together.

A connection between Heaven and Earth.....Co-creative partnership.

Maarten had created the Carrara Marble Path Marker.

Our large Maple Tree gave us the Wooden Womb.

I asked Maarten if we could use them as a symbol of our creativity coming together.

The picture was taken with the camera on automatic on May Eve around the time we would have first met.

Harmony as we share a kiss on May Eve

Harmony as we share a kiss on May Eve.

The following morning the sunrises on the Maarnada Rose illuminating and blessing our Path Marker

and setting our intentions aglow.

Maarnada Rose illuminating and blessing our Path Marker



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