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New year's Eve Day 2011

New year's Eve Day 2011

New Year's Eve day 2011

What a beautiful way to celebrate with Nature's Fireworks!
Thank-you to all of you for making 2011 so wonderful!
We look forward to sharing more moments with you in 2012!

With Abundant Gratitude and Joy to you and your families Nadina, Maarten, and Jim


Blessings on Midwinter Solstice

Blessings on Midwinter Solstice

Blessings on Midwinter Soltice
As my beloved, Maarten sleeps, I am awakened to go out and be with the velvet darkness and sparkling stars.  My star pup ‘Tamji’ connector and prefect pet feels warm cuddled against my chest!
We are held by the wonder of looking at the Universe through the star gate and womblike darkness of this night of release and new beginnings.
Totally enveloped by this point of land that claimed me, the sound of waves, and gentle melody of Wind chimes.  We give thanks for the well lit paths.
The grand firs, oaks, arbutus, and snowberry bushes ground us and send their branches skyward in celebration.
The Stone Whispered familiars also created by my beloved Maarten welcome us.
We touch each of them with love and the love floods back.  Dear Fuji, first time in Stone Spirit gives thanks, free to be a part of his cat world.
The Maarnada Rose awaits with the bright orange pumpkin that is still healthy and vibrant remaining from Halloween.
Gratitude floods through every cell of my being as I step into the portal of the Rose.  All of creation beams in and affirms our presence.
Thanks to the mineral realm, the plant realm, the animal realm, the human realm, the spirit realm, and the Great Mystery.

From this place that connects and empowers loves and tests us we send our heartfelt gratitude to all beings everywhere.
Deep Peace from the running waves to you,
Deep Peace of the gentle Earth to you,
Deep Peace of the starlight Sky to you,
Deep Peace, Deep Peace,
Deep Peace, of the breath of life to you,
Deep Peace, of the Light of Love to you,
Deep Peace, Deep Peace.
And in this place where I walk alone all is one within me.
Peace, Peace, Sweet Peace, in this moment all is well.

Abundant Blessings,
Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Mid Winter Solstice December 22, 2011


You Light Up My World!

You Light Up My World!

As the Stewart Boot Bell Ringer Rocked around the Christmas Tree
She heard you singing and saw you dancing with her!
Oh you are such good sports in assisting the Director of the Stewart Schaddelee Academy
by ringing her chimes.

Decorating the Tree......The Stewart Bell Ringer 004.JPGMuse and Candle 003.JPG

The tree is a work of joy and love.  All the ornaments have a memory of a moment!  All of them gifts.
Maarten had a story about being so poor in Holland that all they got for gifts was the inside tube from the toilet paper roll.
One Christmas he received a six pack of toilet roll tubes. We wish you LAUGHTER!
This year the SBBR got creative and being a lover of taking pictures she used the tubes to place pictures on and they are hanging from the tree.
Inside the tubes are special gifts.  What would yours be?  A love letter? Money? Empty space to do what your heart desires? Peace….

Christmas Eve Day 2010 006.JPG

Just know that we love you.
We feel abundantly blessed by you being in our life,
And that there is always a space for you in our hearts and beside our hearth.

Toronto David Foster Foundation Gala, Labyrinth 060.JPG

With Heartfelt Appreciation for assisting us glow,
To you and Yours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We look forward to sharing 2011 with you.

Your Nadine A, Maarten and Fuji

Dec 22 2010 010.JPG

Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada





Warmth of fireplace
Light of candles
Standing Reading my Fairy Tale Book
A Fairy Tale Book

Author Alice Miller said:
 “There are needs that can and should be satisfied in the present.
Among these is every human beings central need to express themselves.
To show herself to the world the way she really is in word,
In gesture, in behaviour, in every genuine utterance
From the baby’s cry to the artist’s creation.

The key to this affirmation is that life has to be satisfying in the present.
Now is the time to be happy
Not when
I have more money, a better job, the person of my dreams, more time
Happiness that has reasons for it….
Is only another form of misery.
Bliss is when you are happy for no reason whatsoever
In the mere fact of existence.

To know this bliss…
It is closer to me than my mind,
closer to me than my body and it follows me
wherever I go.”

Embracing the moment
I am away to dance and stretch
In the morning light
Catching the Sun
I catch the sunrise
And share it with you.

Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Steward of Sacred Hope
Storyteller of Maarnada



The Creation of Ken’s Pieta

The Creation of Ken’s Pieta

In my last visit with Ken he was excited about me being with Maarten as I came and sat beside Ken on his bed.
He was sipping Perrier out of a little green bottle. Maarten had shared a book called 'Michelangelo's Mountain' with Ken.  Ken devoured it and said, They were brothers in stone.
Email note from Ken:
“Thanks (again) – I was wondering how things were going.   With over three hundred pictures taken by Nadina and daily notes my experience has been so heightened by the book as I am enjoying it so much.  What a great book, particularly when coupled with the work in progress.
I’m very proud of my small part in having this work done.  I think Maarten may curse me at times but then at the end of the day I think both of us will have completed an interesting journey into ourselves.
Thank-you again for your friendship, your thoughtfulness and for letting me persuade Maarten to do something somewhat different.  There is a lot of Maarten in this work already and I’m sure it will just get better.  There is a lot of me in that it has forced me to think outside my box of words and recognize that there are many languages and some have no words at all.”
Maarten and Ken  

 Ken had three physical visits to Maarnada during the sculpting.  The first is shown in this picture.
Now, at his bedside, Ken was animated as he told me he had something for me.  He said he knew I was challenged reading as the words jump around, but there were few words and mostly pictures and he felt I would like it.  He smiled as from under the bedcovers he pulled out a black linen covered book.  'The Creation of Ken's Pieta' A Sculpture by Maarten Schaddelee as told in pictures by Nadina Schaddelee a gift from Ken and his wife Sara. Ken was so excited that it had arrived early so that he could share it with me.  I kept stroking the cover and looking at the pictures and few words. 

 He knew me well...and our hearts knew each other well.
Ken's Pieta

Ken brought up the conversation of last Goodbyes.  He had mentioned that someone had visited but hadn't said 'Goodbye'.  Attempting to be helpful I said,
“You don't always have to say it in words, you can feel it and send it.”
I kissed him on the forehead and told him I would treasure the book and the sharing, as Ken had brought Mary back to me.  In his gift through the Pieta Maarten brought Mary into form and I had anchored the energy.  I am a Stone Whisperer, and a companion to the soul and spirit. My love of Mary and Mary’s love for me had been received by my touch at each sunrise during her creation. At Ken’s request his Pieta had been sculpted in Carrara marble of which Michelangelo had created his Pieta.  In Michelangelo’s a young Mary is holding her son after he has died.
Michelangelo's Pieta

Before we left I saw a picture of Ken, taken long before we had met him. I commented that 'He had a moustache in the picture'. 

 "Nadina, I still have a moustache."
He did, and stopping to comment on the picture had given me a moment to go back to Ken and see it.  We laughed, and then Ken said,

“Nadina, you didn't say, 'Goodbye'.  So I kissed his forehead, and stroked his cheek and said, “Goodbye”.
“Nadina, you are 'My sister in stone.”
 “Ken, you are forever in my heart.” 

 Maarten and I walked out to the car.  I got in the car, clutched the book to my chest, and wept. 
 My body it knew this would be the last time I would see Ken alive.
Ken with his Pieta

Visits in Spirit are a whole other matter. As Ken not only orchestrated another sculpture for Sara's parents, but companioned us on the creation of my Mary that would be a gift for my 62nd birthday. 'Mary and Me'

Ken lived his life well and at 47 years of age died on March 9th 2008 at home in the loving arms of his beloved Sara with their faithful dog Seabee by their side.

Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada
Sister In Stone to Ken.



Hockey Day In Canada

Hockey Day In Canada

I awake standing on the podium singing O Canada
Receiving the Gold Medal with all Canadians
In my heart we have won the Gold
Spark from the sun on Mt. Olympus that lit the flame
What lights it in the hearts of each of us?
It begins for me listening to the theme music from Hockey Night In Canada
on the radio with my Dad.
Just typing his name in has him with me
acting out each moment of the game.
The joy the rage the Guy stuff!
Yelling out his version of the right doing and wrong doing!
Now as everything is ever present in the moment
we will allow the gold into our hearts of moments shared.
The Memorial Arena for the Victoria Cougars Game
Dad and Nade 1960
The last time we were at the Arena together May 1967
 when I received the Silver Medal as 1st Princess to Miss Victoria.
He was jubilant but said they made a mistake
I should have been Queen!
Way huge for me, to receive that affirmation from my father
who would have preferred boys.
I will watch the game with Dad in my heart
Nadina's Dad
Now ‘When Peace Comes’ stands in the new Save On Foods Memorial Centre
A gift from Maarten and I and the War veterans.
This stone is for my father and all who served.
The Canadian Nadian yes, seriously I am changing my name.
Dad called me Nad, Naden, but Nadian brings it all together
Hey Dad, how about the Canadian Women’s Hockey Gold?
How many of them began their love of the game by sharing it with their Dads?
I love this Country, her people and this generous land.
I found the Hockey Night In Canada theme
and Dad and I are together again even with the new theme
and the Closing Ceremony of which grandson Trevor will be a part.
No not as a hockey player but as the breath of the wind that blows life into all things.
On behalf of all Canadians I allow my heart to open to receive the Gold Medal
Lets welcome the glow in.
What sparks your heart to believe that in adversity we become strong?
 Is it the showing up for the game of life?
And learning to work with what we are given
by creating unique ways of using our talents?
With glowing hearts we see thee rise
Our true North strong and free
And stand on guard the world to see
We open our hearts with thee.
Hockey is our game that we gave to the Olympics!
And we gratefully receive the Gold Medal.
Nadian Storyteller of Maarnada


Troy's Birthday

Through His Mother’s Eyes

So here I am remembering the birthing of Troy at the time I would have been in serious labour.
Wow what a woman!
A child very much wanted and easily conceived in the Spring.
Like his older brother Trevor, Troy was in a posterior position.
However, Troy turned himself at the last moment
with the Doctor saying, “Wow, did you see that baby turn!”
Troy has had those last moment turns throughout his life.
A beautiful baby with enormous blue eyes and a quiet sweetness Troy adored his Big Brother, Trevor.
They were best friends.
This link is to Troy’s News Flashes taken from my Christmas Letters from 1982-1990

The pictures I have chosen are a tiny glimpse of a life well lived as are the News Flashes.
As I am a believer in synchronisms it is fascinating to read what Maarten and I were doing at the age of 38.

Star Date February 6th 2010 Troy is on Mount Washington with his Firefighter brothers.
We enjoyed Mount Washington as a young family and it was where we all learned to ski.
Happy Birthday to our favourite youngest son who we....


 I want to send this at the time Troy chose to come into the world
4:25 a.m. weighing in at 8 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long.
Abundant Blessings,
Your Mother

Nadina, Maarten, Troy and Trevor

Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada



February Eve


Nadina in Sunrise
Barbara G. Walker, in her book ‘Women’s Rituals’ writes that this is probably one of the oldest of all seasonal festivals.  It used to be called Imbolg or Imbolc, meaning something like ‘in the belly,” a reference to the new gestation of the world spirit within the Mother.  It became a fire festival, betokening the potential heat of a new growing season, and the Goddess’s sexual fires, and the lighting of a purificatory “new fire” on every hearth—eventually including even the altars of churches, where new candles were lighted.
Our Circle of Women used to meet on this eve and sit around the Dolphin Table in North South East and West positions.
Each would speak their line from the following antiphonal Chant also written by Barbara G. Walker.
Click picture above to see a larger image

Another ritual that we would do at this time was to write or use symbols that represented what we were willing to release.
for Community, Relationships, Family, Self
We would wrap them in little black pieces of cloth tie them and release them in the new hearth fire.
It fascinates me that at this time in this Moon Cycle My Mother was was born, I was in her womb, Maarten was born, I birthed a son, and my Mother died.
Jane O’Keefe a gifted Healer and Heller Worker was giving us ‘The Feminine treatments’ at this time.
Jane and Nadina

The following is written in the Client’s Handbook for Hellerwork Structural Integration:
 “The theme of this section is “The Feminine,”  and the theme of the next section is “The Masculine.”
Both principles are equally important in life and each exists within every person, male or female.
The pelvic girdle and the legs represent the feminine principle.  The pelvis houses the womb – ultimate symbol of nurturance – and the legs connect us to Mother Earth.  The feminine principle represents the power of attraction.  Where masculine energy works through action and directed effort,

The feminine way manifests through the medium of intention and receptivity, rather than form and activity.  The feminine deals with beauty and well-being, complementing the masculine which deals with order and the law.


Feminine vessel by artist Sonia Galbraith

How do you manifest the feminine style?  Do you trust this approach to life and the power of being receptive?  In this moment we explore how you use the feminine principle and how you can bring it into balance in your life.
Consider the role of the feminine principle in your life.  Notice an area of your life where hard work is not getting results.  This could be at work, in relationships, or in creative activities.  Relax your effort, while maintaining your attention and intention on your desired results.  Assume they will come to you.  See what happens.
It has been a year now since Jim and I began my website.  We have marked ever hinge date significant to me while working with the seasons.
A new circle of women is forming through the ‘Women of Wisdom’ page.
These are all women who I have worked with and have followed their creative truth.
Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Steward of Sacred Hope
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada





On the Wellness Wheel taking time out for relationships is a priority.
For my husband Maarten and I when the Wet West Coast is at its darkest
we retreat
We Leave before the dawn

Nadina sunrise with Red dress

And while in flight we welcome the sun and arrive in time for our Maui Sunset

Maarten and Nadina feet in water

I love moments alone with my Day at the Beach Boy!
His mistress (work) was not invited.
I carve this time out for us to reconnect.

Here are some of our magic moments
Bradley’s sparkly heart hanging from light
Making our Little Heart Space ours at the Hale Pau Hana Resort
“House you go to when work is done”

Our morning walks begin in the Dawn light along the path way of parks
Returning in time to walk our beach Kameoli II for Sunrise
Nadina walking in water
We welcome the Sun with our First Peoples Blessing
as it rises above Haleakela..
“Great Spirit that comes from the East with the power of the rising sun
May there be light in our word
May there be light on the path that we walk
May we always remember the promise the gift of a new day brings
May we never forget to release any burden of sorrows and to begin again.
May we walk in Beauty”
Mahalo (Thank-you in Hawaiian)

We write a message in the sand
Happy 1st Birthday Liam

Maarten takes his daily swim about 1/4 of a mile from point to point
Maarten doning the crawl
My heart leaps as I watch my man move so easily in the water.
I walk back my feet held and massaged in the most exquisite sand as the water swirls and baptizes.
I give thanks for the return of feeling in my feet and the wonder work of Jane O’Keeffe on both of our bodies.

Maarten coming out of the water

This walk is taken many times during the day.

By choice no newspaper,internet or T.V. and few telephone calls
which allows us both time to read three books sharing reading parts to each other.

Maarten reading outside of Our Heart Space

My personal Chef inside and at the Barbeque.
Maarten preparing food
He loves cooking and I love him for loving it!

Maarten at Barbeque

Location, Location, Location.
We are on the ground floor a short walk over the lawn to twelve steps with perfect rails
that connect us to our beach.
I can be in the shade talking to Maarten while he is in the sun.

Nadina on beach

Maarten plays Botchi with new friends from Hale Pau Hana

Maarten playing Botchi

Maarten plays in the waves
Maarten riding waves
I float setting myself in the golden path of the rising sun
and saying a beautiful invocation to the Sea, Sun and Air.
Giving a prayer of gratitude.
Nadina floating
I allow my ears to fill with water and listen to the symphony
of the dolphins and humpbacks.

Maarten becomes a human hydra phone and goes deep to listen.
Maarten’s feet above water
The Humpbacks come at this time to birth their young.
We see sightings of them everyday.
Humpback Whale
The Humpback gives us a show right in front of our “Heart Place”

Brilliant Maui Sunsets are delivered every evening.
I put my Rose Lei on and Maarten joins me
A picture for my Mother Ruth remembering her birthday.


As we harmonize to ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’
And the Hawaiian Wedding Song ‘I do….I do…
Love You… Love You
With all my heart’
As the sunsets we say the Aloha Prayer of the Huna
‘Great eyeball of the Sun
Before you go down into the Sea tonight
Please take any wrong doing (worries) with you
Down in to the Sea
To be transformed
In the Spirit of Aloha
Love made visible
We have booked for the same time next year.

Brad’s heart and Lei

Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada




Maarnada Sunrise before Maui

Maarnada Sunrise before Maui

Welcoming Maarnada Sunrise
In Maui dress
Tomorrow Maui Sunset

Maarnada Sunrise before Maui

Same Sun Rises and Sets where ever we are
Beauty Beauty Beauty
Gratitude Mahalo



Aloha Heart

Aloha Heart

Our niece Victoria gave us a Sparkly Heart
To remind us of our nephew Bradley
Bradley is the youngest of my sister Bonnie’s six children
Victoria is the eldest
Vicky holding Brad
Sheralynn, Victoria holding Bradley, Tara, Darren and Jamie, 1970

Brad is the one closest in age to our oldest son Trevor.
Bradley died recently at the age of 39.
In remembering Bradley pictures have been posted on Facebook.
The most recent by Victoria’s husband Ken best friend of Bradley.
Brad with heart
In looking at the picture it is a direct connection to my heart
That little boy was in my heart again.
Victoria’s heart is held by the Angel
And I felt myself taking the heart into my hands
And hanging it around the little Brad’s neck.
I found a way and took a picture.
Brad with family
A rare occurrence Bonnie in a picture, perhaps she has been the one taking all the pictures
with Brad, Victoria, Jamie, Tara, Darren and Sheralynn 1995

Maarten and I will soon be leaving for Maui
Last year I was given a silver travelling heart by a friend.
I had attached it to a Lei and it would be around my neck
To say farewell to the day at sunset

Me wearing lei with heart

My friend was travelling and the heart went back to her.

So in this morning’s light with Brad’s heart connection
I was guided to put it on to the Lei and wrap it around
The neck of the gift of the angel
Gifted to me by niece Sheralynn and her beloved Tracey
They had recently become pregnant with Stella Ruby
Nine years later the angel holds the Aloha Spirit
And Brad’s Heart lit by the Clare’s candle
Brad’s Heart lit by the Clare’s candle
The gift of Brad’s heart will accompany us to Maui.
It will hang over our table and be present around my neck at each sunset
Heart hanging from lei
Heart hanging from lei

The Aloha Spirit prayer invites us
to say farewell to each day with gratitude as the sun sets

and asks us to release any burdens we may be carrying into the Sea
to be transformed.
The vibration of Aloha is Spirit manifesting through Love.
Mahalo and Aloha
Maarten and Nadina at sunset

I will be back on site the beginning of February Abundant Blessings to all in 2010  A fond Aloha from Nadina and Maarten


Laura Kealoha Yardley Aloha Spirit story link:



Mid Winter Solstice

Mid Winter Solstice

On the Darkest Womb Night of the Year
I give thanks for the gift of the creative space
and depth of darkness where I was created in the womb of my mother.
I light my Clare’s Candle made especially for me
Just a quick spark and the match has had its way
The candle becomes the fuel for the flame.
And I sit in the glow of light welcomed by the darkness.
This is the night of my conception
Clare's Candle - My light
The rose scent of the candle permeates my being
I smile as I have watched the candle create a handle
 inviting me into the realm of carrying the light with me
This little light of mine
I’m going to let it shine.
In gratitude to
My Mother Ruth and Father Bill
Thank-you for making me
I love you.

Nadine Agnes Stewart
Steward of Sacred Hope
Storyteller of Maarnada



Blue Moon of Transformation

Creating Magic
Blue Moon of Transformation

13th Original Clan Mother
Becomes Her Vision

As Fuji and Maarten rest by the fire
Maarten and Fuji
I sit looking at the Mid Winter Solstice Faery who has landed on Moon River
She can transport herself anywhere.
Mid Winter Solstice Faery who has landed on Moon River
She is at the peak of her power….glowing in the dark sky at one with the Moon
I have taken a picture of the Blue Moon on this last eve of 2009
Blue Moon on this last eve of 2009
also a picture of the Solstice Faery on the Moon
but the magic that I see and feel is not in the picture
Maybe if I hold her and take the picture
She will be animated?
Solstice Faery on the Moon with my hand
The gift of the Solstice Faery from my niece Tara
on Mid Winter Solstice best brings the child and wise woman together
in the magic….they talk to each other through their hearts, imagination and creativity.

Tara made four magical rings for me…
Sometimes the Mid Winter Solstice Faery hold’s them with her four fingers
One holding a starburst baby angel
One the crescent moon symbol of the moon in the sky when I was born
The spiral of the labyrinth
Three dolphins in a circle
Four magical rings
The way they sit on the table they create the medicine hoops of connection
Also the number 88 which reminds me of Maarnada’s incorporation date 8/8/88

If I were to ask Tara how she knew the perfection in the gifts
The question might surprise her… or not?
Intuition that our family carries has a power all its own.

The year of 2009 I had an intention of listening to my intuition
and marking every hinge day with a moment or story.
I would just allow myself the time and space of the website to hold the vision.

Tara’s husband Jim, Wiz Gym was able to transport and assist with the vision.
Tara and her husband Jim
I am so grateful to this magical down to earth duo.

I will complete my little story with this quote from one of
My very favourite storytellers Jamie Sams
“Becomes Her Vision, the Thirteenth Clan Mother, speaks to every Child of Earth
and softly whispers these words that the Great Mystery
put inside the Eternal Flame of Love:
Link to Jamie Sams

Nadina Stewart Schaddelee
Storyteller of Maarnada




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