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Forever Friends

Floss Female Family Friends Roses

Floss Female Family Friends

I love Floss
always have always will

She recently greeted and guided me holding my sixty-one year old hand

in the wisdom of her eighty-three year old hand

It was my first time in the beautiful home of her Granddaughter Nicci

who was hosting a baby shower for her cousin Renee

GG Great Grandmother as Floss is affectionately called

took me on a tour of Nicci's home

The magical realms of pink greeted us in her Great Granddaughter's bedroom

I could live here

Later as all of the food festively covered the dining table the women gathered

and shared stories

Nicci is an absolute gift of womanhood in all of her guises

Loving, creative, nest builder, granddaughter, daughter, mother, wife, friend, "Tooth Floss Fairy"

Gentle Strong Wonder Woman

GG's crystal clear pale blue eyes sparkle in her loving matriarchal role to all present

Dressed in amethyst she is the forever ray of the rainbow

As a gift of Gratitude Candy Floss pink Camilla's from Maarnada's garden
are a symbol of Floss's four generations
floating in a circle
always connected through their love, emotions, laughter, human kindness

I give grateful thanks to my school friend Diana, oldest daughter of Floss

who connected me to this amazing circle of women

Daughters Dale and Barb

Cousins Andrea, daughter Renee my heart daughter, daughter-in-law Tanya

the granddaughters and great granddaughters

the space that holds us and the grace that enfolds us.

Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee

Nadina of Maarnada

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