Path of Human Kindness

It is Sunrise Easter Sunday April 12 2009

On route to Maarnada's Garden I stop at the top

of the Path of Kindness

A gift from Susan and David Price

Path of Human Kindness

Five years ago prior to the Magic Cerebellum Bus Tour to Vancouver...

my balance, eye sight, and numbness in my limbs was so impaired

I couldn't get into my beloved Garden to welcome the sun.

David Price saw the solution immediately and sent his crew to build the path.

Path of Human Kindness from the garden

I had made my Peace in the Garden before I left

Path of Human Kindness - Mary

On my return home David and Susan had a wooden path built over the front slate path

so my wheel chair, head and neck could have a smooth ride.

My return to the Garden was where I would heal and regain my strength...

 thanks to physical paths and Human Kindness

Path of Human Kindness - Uli

The inspiration of the Beauty of Nature and the Hawaiian Goddess Uli,

who with the breath of her mate gave birth to the living waters, was a powerful symbol created by Maarten.

The Great Mother Goddess helped me bring forth my inner gifts 

 and give birth to my new self.

Nadina of Maarnada

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