When the Princess Met Her Prince

May Eve 1968
Culinary Arts Ball, Victoria, B.C.

It was my last official function as Princess of Victoria when I was asked to dance
at the Culinary Arts Ball
Nadina in her Princess Dress

Smiling from ear to ear, the blond handsome Prince of Pastries and Passion, led me onto the dance floor.

He was a great dancer and I loved to dance.

When he returned me to the head table, Princess Charlet told me he was of the Family
Schaddelee of the Dutch Bakery and Coffee Shop,
and they were all MARRIED!

When Marty....no, he corrected me, Maarten returned to ask me for another dance, I accepted. 
 However, I asked the question......"Are you married?"


We danced as much as we could, after all I had Princess responsibilities.
After a few dances, we walked outside and he showed me his White Steed with much horse power.

Steed with Much Horse Power

He called me the next day and we went for a walk and talk. 
It was a huge feat of Courage for him as he had to come over the Blue Bridge from Oak Bay.
 I had to not be embarassed by the tweed racing cap, scarf and leather gloves in the White Steed showing up in Vic West.
Even though we were from different lands there was magic in our connection.
Later, we would find we had met on the stage of the Crystal Garden's when we were fifteen,
The picture was found in his Aunt's photo album on our second visit to Holland.
Divine synchronism......Maarten an award winning Swimmer on stage with the Dancer.
We were both doing what we loved and that is what brought us together.

On Stage at the Cystal

 Our paths had crossed many times including,
The Dutch Bakery being directly across the street from my Dance Studio.

Eleven days later, Maarten asked me to marry him.
I said, "YES"

I said Yes

We married five months later on the eve of October 26th 1968
There was much dancing and merriment.
That is another story.
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