Dutch Friendship and Family Tree

St. Nicholas Came a Knocking

St. Nicholas came a knocking
And told me what to do
Give a gift to Corine Koek Maasdam
And get the wooden shoes.

So off I went with heart of glee
And listened to what he said,
"Put her at the top of the tree
For all the things she said...

She's spoken of me brilliantly
In Paper and the Koekie Jar
And now I ask you to link her up
So your world won't seem so far

So on the magic web will be
And Corine can share the scene
Of a little town named Werkendam
Where I know you have been."

So St. Nicholas's gift to you Corine
Will be before the eyes
Of those who visit Maarnada Land
And welcome each sunrise.

So Ho Ho Ho and off he goes
tell your stories from afar
And I welcome friends to visit you
With a Dutch Koekie from the Jar.


Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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