Star Crossed Birthday Girls

The Great Mystery grants us gifts in life by placing us in the same place at the same time.

On a holiday in Kaui, Hawaii on the beach many Moons ago when I was a young Mom with two boys, I met another woman of my age with two boys.

The moment was electric and as I looked into THE VERY LARGE BLUE eyes of my ANIMATED new friend Carol. I heard myself asking her.
“What is your birth date?”

SEPTEMBER 22ND ……..MY BIRTHDAY!  Our birthday!! And that began a relationship so kissed by creativity that I am almost levitating as I write!
We have celebrated many Birthdays Together
Maartina Nadine Larretta and Carol
Maartina Nadine Larretta and Carol Celebration of the Birthday Girls

Carol is gifted in many areas that complement my creative spark, she can SEW! It was like having my Mom Ruth back in a new form.

I was launching my Wellness Career and needed some four year old size dolls created for part of my Wellness Seminars and Storytelling.

Carol and I were given the gift of a couple of days together at Carol’s Hilltop Home.

We began with the little girl of four who was inside of me. Carol’s brilliant hands on practicality had us in her van going to a children’s
department store to find and outfit what my creative vision would wear.  We found it. Pink dress with dancing shoes on the front, pink leggings and the
most adorable LA gear runners.

Carol’s plan was to stuff the suit that would make the body.  She had the perfect iridescent white material to make the head and neck, that would attach
to the body.
picture of Wonder’s Head

We were the little girls of four years laughing, creating,  finding just what we needed.

We used the only wig Carol had for the picture.
Nadina Wonder and Carol

It wasn’t the right one but next day we were in the van going to a costume shop.  I could feel it but couldn’t see it in the store.  So I asked the helpful woman owner.  We are looking for a wig like Glinda’s from the Wizard of Oz.  She disappeared in to the back and returned with the biggest smile.  This just arrived and I hadn’t unpacked it!!!!  The three of us were jumping with JOY!!!

Wonder would take her journey home from Seattle on the Clipper with me in a large shopping bag with her head and flowing hair sticking out the top. I thought everyone would see her and be excited by her. But no it is only those with the creativity of the child still glowing inside that can see and feel Wonder.
I love you my Birthday Girl Friend!

Carol also made Wonder’s friend Willhe. 
Wonder and Willhe
They can change themselves, their names, and imaginations in the heart beat of the NOW
that is always present in the ever creative child.

Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada

Star Date December 2009

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Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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