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Time in a bubble

"A tear drop of joy
That weeps in the beauty...."

Time in a Bubble

The Love Story Continues
Interview with Maarten

"....Usually the people I interview talk about themselves, 
you've talked about your wife more than you have your work so far...."

The Love Story Continues
Lauren Artress

The Labyrinth is a wonderful tool as a walking meditation. It is solved through walking. I was fortunate to train with Dr. Lauren Artress and received accreditation as a Labyrinth Facilitator.....

Lauren Artress
New Year's Eve Day 2011

What a beautiful way to celebrate with Nature's Fireworks!
Thank-you to all of you for making 2011 so wonderful! 

New Year's Eve Day
Blessings on Midwinter Solstice

As my beloved, Maarten sleeps, I am awakened to go out and
be with the velvet darkness and sparkling stars. 

Blessings on Midwinter Solstice
Sunrise Kisses and Sparkle

Sunrise Kisses and Sparkle from the youngest oldest
Mouse Goddess in the Universe

Sunrise Kisses and Sparkle
Making Peace with My Brain

Nothing delights me more than creating another reality.
If I have been stopped on my path by anyone
my creativity has always stimulated another response…

Birthing myself on my Birthday
Living The Dream

The picture says it all…

Birthing myself on my Birthday
Birthing myself on my Birthday

I have been on a webinar for Peace with people from all over the world since September 15th that will complete on International Peace Day today.  

Birthing myself on my Birthday
Unveiling the Doorways

Nadina Unveiling Doorways of Spiritual Peace, video

Nadina Unveiling Doorways of Spiritual Peace
Birthing a New Story

I was awakened by the plaintive cry of a new born seal pup.
I got up and went out on the deck to watch the stars…

Story of a Design Project - The Maarnada Mandala

One day visiting Maarnada.… I was asked to make a design.

Other Links about the "Doorways of Spiritual Peace"
Maarnada's Anniversary Gift on Nadina's Storytelling Website
Doorways to Spirit and Doorways to Spirit Video on the Maarnada Website

Maarnada Mandela story from the Gymgrafx website
Fuji's Loving Farewell

We never knew Fuji’s birthday but we do know his Feast Day.…

Fuji Farewell
Becoming a Grantie

It was my spiritual Grandmother Hanna and the Spiritual Grandmothers of all traditions that had invited me to walk with them.

Becomin a Grantie
Rhythm Of Life

And the Rhythm Of Life is a powerful beat,
Puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet

Ysgol Glanaethwy: Rhythm Of Life
Ruth Anne Anderson Stewart

The story of our Mother Grandmother and
Great Grandmother Ruth Anne Anderson Stewart

Circle of Women

In rewriting my Bio for the web site I realized how important each step on my path was and how it prepared me for the next step.

Circle of Women
You Light Up Our World!

As the Stewart Boot Bell Ringer Rocked around the Christmas Tree she heard you singing and saw you dancing with her!

You Light Up My World
Does Old Nan Live in the Bay?

It is 1:00 p.m., Sunday, December 16th , 2007. My niece, Sheralynn Nadine, has dropped by with her children, six year old Stella Ruby and four year old Jaxon James

Does Old Nana Live in the Bay?
David Foster Foundation 2010 Gala Toronto

We have been to the centre of the Universe and returned.  It was totally amazing!

David Foster Foundation 2010 Gala Toronto
Little Peace and Good Will

Little Peace and Good Will were sitting on the Maarnada PEACE BLANKET
wondering what they could do to help
Peace on Earth

Little Peace and Good Will
A Global Telesummit for Building a Culture of Peace Peace Week

Last year we opened the Doorways Gallery on International Peace Day. Shaw Cable did an interview of people on the street


A Global Telesummit for Building a Culture of Peace | Peace Week

Maarnada's Anniversary Gift

I had to take Maarnada's Symbol of Universal Peace into the morning light that our Maarnada Team had created.

Maarnada Mandela
Vision Into Reality Passage To Maarnada Bay

In August 2009 on a journey with Maarten to the beach near our home, I made a request:

I Float
The Dutch Bakery is 54!

Celebrating the 54th Anniversary of the Dutch Bakery and Coffee Shop Ltd.

The Ducth Bakery is 54!
A Message From The Grandmothers

Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers
"Call Forth the Ancestors": Grandmothers Speak

A Message From The Grandmothers
Life is a Delicate Balance, 1988

Immediately after the sculpture Heartless, Maarten had asked me on what base I saw it.
I quietly said, "A hand."

Life is a Delicate Balance
Blessing Of The Maarnada Rose Stone

The sculptor at one with the stone....

Blessing of the Rosetting Stone
Mother's Day Rose Tea Party

Fuji, Faery, Will-he, and the Maarnada Wonder Team were sitting in the Maarnada Dawn Light

Mother's Day Rose Tea Party
May Eve Blessing

Celebrating the eve we met....
42 years ago May 1st

May Eve Blessing
Gifts For My Granddaughter

From My Little Girl to Yours
Blessings of New Possibilities....

Ave Maria
Mary Of Maarnada

Nadine, at the age nine saw Mary in a small Chapel and felt her coming into her heart.

Ave Maria Mary of Maarnada
Celebrating A Decade Of The Peace Stone

Stop on Earth Day or any day and touch the Peace Stone....

Celebrating A Decade Of The Peace Stone
Sheralynnee Nadine's 45th Birthday Gift

The stars sparkling the birds singing
The light painting the sky
Candles lit

Sheralynnee Nadine's 45th Birthday Gift
Nadine's Brain Lift Story
Magical Cerebellum Bus Tour to OZ

After a very long journey in November 2003 an MRI revealed my diagnosis:

Magical Cerebellum Bus Tour to OZ
Lady and Lord of the Rings

How do you replace over thirty-five years of memories of a marriage....

Lady and Lord of the Rings
Reflections On The Creation Of Doorways To The Spirit Of Peace

As a witness to my husband, Maarten Schaddelee's process and inspiration this is my story of how Doorways to the Spirit of Peace began.

Reflections On The Creation Of Doorways To The Spirit Of Peace
Spring Equinox Rock of Jamie

I hear voices calling as I turn to see
Maarten and nephew Jamie....

Rock of Jamie
Mystic Ann Of Scotland And The Universe

I am dancing and singing on the Wind at the time of Ann's Birthday sunrise....


There are people on the path who are constant connectors in life.

Ken's Feast Day

In Celebration and Thanksgiving for the life of Kenneth Herbert Crook

Ken's Feast Day
The Creation of Ken's Pieta

In my last visit with Ken he was excited about me being with Maarten....

The Creation of Ken's Pieta
Hockey Day in Canada

I awake standing on the podium singing O Canada
Receiving the Gold Medal with all Canadians....

Hockey Day in Canada
Opa's Celebration Dinner

Maarten's Dad, Opa (grandfather) loved to eat and loved to cook....

Troy's Birthday,

So here I am remembering the birthing of Troy at the time I would have been in serious labour....

Troy's Birthday
February Eve

This is probably one of the oldest of all seasonal festivals....

February Eve

On the Wellness Wheel taking time out for
relationships is a priority....

Aloha Heart

Our niece Victoria gave us a Sparkly Heart
To remind us of our nephew Bradley....

Aloha Heart
"Grantie, How Was I Made?"

Wonder and Star Child were playing at Grantie's with their cousin Moon Child.

Blue Moon of Transformation

13th Original Clan Mother Becomes Her Vision

Blue Moon of Transformation
Mid Winter Solstice

On the Darkest Womb Night of the Year
I give thanks for the gift of....

Mid Winter Solstice
Star Crossed Birthday Girls

The Great Mystery grants us gifts in life by placing us in the same place at the same time.

Star Crossed Birhtday Girls
Bradley's Heart Angel

The smell of Fir Tree permeates the air as our Christmas Tree came into the house....

Bradley's Heart Angel
St. Nicholas came a knocking

And told me what to do
Give a gift to Corine Koek Maasdam.....

St. Nicholas came a knocking
When Peace Comes

Artist Maarten Schaddelee carved the sculpture
"When Peace Comes" out of....

When Peace Comes
It was a Dark and Stormy Night

November 10th 1978 was moving day for Mom, Trevor age 8 and Troy age 6 and Maarten....

It was a Dark and Stormy Night
Birth of My Inner Consciousness....

Birth of My Inner Consciousness started when Maarten was in total conflict....

Birth of My Inner Consciousness
The Day My Father Died

Samhain (November Eve Halloween)
Dedicated to the Ghosts of all Generations of Ancestors and Ancestresses

Tha Day My Father Died
When the Princess Wed Her Prince

Saturday October 26th 1968 Celebrating the Princess and her Prince on the day they said,
We do

Nadina and Maarten
Is Peace Passé Video

"Is Peace Passé" reported by Dan Kahan, aired Sept 21

Is Peace Passe
Autumnal Equinox My Birthday

Excited the young child within me was up early watching the stars....

Autumnal Equinox My Birthday
Grandmother Hannah's Feast Day

In Cincinnati, Ohio, when my mother, Ruth, was four years old....

Grandmother Hannah's Feast Day
100 Day check in with Nade the Nag

Nade the Nag:  How are you feeling?
Nadina: I am feeling vibrant and noticing my confidence growing....

100 Day Check In with Nade the Nag
Symbols of healing

As this is Lammas, the celebration of the Harvest that we have shared many times together, I wanted to give thanks....

Symbols of Healing
Our Grandkitty Fuji

Fuji's story begins in 1994 as a young courageous kitten

Our Grandkitty Fuji
Through His Mother's Eyes

Celebrating Trevor's Birthday

Through his Mother's eyes
Blessings On Mid Summer Solstice

Every little breeze was singing to me this morning.

Blessings On Mid Summer Solstice
Poppies of Remembrance and Peace

It was May 5th 1945 that the Canadian Troops were part of the Liberation of the Netherlands

Poppies of Remembrance and Peace
May Eve Blessing

Love and Gratitude flow through us as we give thanks on the Maarnada Rose

May Eve Blessing
Go In Peace

In the Spirit Petal of the Rose this morning I heard Maarten's Mother's voice.......

Go In Peace
Nade the Nag

I could feel her coming and there she was, "Suck it up Princess, Faery, Hag!!!

Nade the Nag

"Is a beautiful place, visit with Nadina on video as she shares the magic of her home."

Maarnada Video Tour and Understanding
Heart Songs

The little Song Sparrow started posing high atop....

Heart Songs
The Secret of the Rose

Those who stand in the circle suppose....

The Secret of the Rose
The Little Shoes of Hope

The Ravens call outside my window....

The Little Shoes of Hope
When the Princess Met Her Prince

May Eve 1968
Culinary Arts Ball, Victoria, B.C.

When the Princess Met Her Prince
Millennium Peace

April 22, 2000 - April 22, 2009

Millennium Peace
Wind Chimes of Easter

"Maarten had recently retired from his Family business..."

Wonder Wands and Wonder Wiz Kids

"Wonder has been calling to me today..."

Wonder Wands and Wonder Wiz Kids
Path of Human Kindness

"On route to Maarnada's Garden I stop at the top of the Path of Kindness..."

Path of Human Kindness
"What If?"

"What if you could become your child self?"....

Rosie and Wizgym

"Ancient Goddess of All"

Serenity - Goddess of All
Tear of Forgiveness

"Our son Troy and Maarten had planted heather in our front garden and around Mary"....

Tears of Forgiveness
Welcoming Spring

"The lilting strains of the music of Tapestry greet me"....

Welcome Spring
Mary and Me

"I was invited by a friend to Sacred Heart Church..."

Mary Maarten and Me
Small Green line
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