Tear of Forgiveness

Our son Troy and Maarten had planted heather in our front garden and around Mary.
I love heather from a vision my Father shared with me the day before he died. 
He was looking out the hospital window and spoke of my sisters and I playing in a field of heather.
A memory of his native Scotland where we had not physically been filled his eyes with light and delight.
Thankfully the Deer who share our garden don't like heather so it will have a chance to thrive.
Heather relates to the soul qualities of empathy and readiness to help.
As our cat Fuji and I walked in the morning light I saw a sprig of heather on the ground below Mary
I picked it up and placed it in her hands as a gift

Heaher in Mary's hands

I stepped back to take a picture and Fuji climbed up to sit by Mary

Fuji and Mary

 Returning close to touch the heather, my father and memory of the vision in the field of heather were with me.....
As I looked up at Mary's face
there glistening in the morning light was Mary's tear

Mary and tear

My heart opened with the gift of forgiveness
It was my father Bill who had said no to Mary and Me
and now she was saying yes to both of us.
In the front garden another sprig of heather asked to be placed on our Stewart Totem of Courage


"Grant me the courage to release a wounding cycle
to journey within to find my inner gifts
and with hope and healing return to the world again"
All is well and will be well in the morning light when the dew glistens on the spring grass

Morning dew on the grass

Blessed be.

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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