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Uli and Me

Uli and Me

After a meditation on my Grandmothers who have been the forgotten ones, I received pictures from both sides of my family of my Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers.

I created a shrine for Mother's Day and sat with my journal in hand staring at them.  Out loud I said, "I'm sorry I don't know your stories."

I wrote the same words down in my journal and this was their response,

"Do not concern yourself about our stories, we evolve through you, take us with you."

Soon after, I was invited to a workshop about Grandmothers that was being given by Laura Kealoha Yardley PhD. who wrote the 'Heart of the Huna'.

I became inspired by Laura's gentleness connected through her Hawaiian Grandmother.  Laura introduced me to the Ancient Lemurian Goddess Uli.

Uli connected me to the divine feminine energy of my emotions and intuition, the true source within me. 

Uli is the birther of self and gave birth to the living waters.

As Maarnada is on the ocean, and the water element and sun element come together here and in Uli's story, she immediately came into my heart.

During the month of January we have vacationed in Hawaii for many years.  In the early years with our children and Maarten's family.

I asked Maarten to create a sculpture of Uli.  Laura blessed the stone of Revelstoke B.C. green marble. Maarten gave Maarnada's Uli to me for my 49th birthday September 1992.

The picture of me floating in the ocean in Maui was taken by Maarten in January 2009.  I had set myself in the path of the morning sun reflecting on the water and invited Uli to be with me.

My web man Wizgym, Jim, created the feeling of being one with Uli.

The picture taken by Maarten of me at sunset is the completion of the day when we said farewell to the sun using the Huna blessings taught to me by Laura.  

I invite you to visit Laura's site.

Aloha and Mahalo to Laura Kealoha Yardley.

In Gratitude Nadina Stewart Schaddelee Storyteller of Maarnada


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