Welcoming Spring

"This story was inspired by listening to C.B.C. Radio's "Tapestry" and the two Mary's sharing the story of Brigit"

The lilting strains of the music of Tapestry greet me as I enter the Maarnada Rose
There have been rainbows connecting Heaven and Earth
I feel the energy of the Earth's belly entering up through my feet
The light of the rising Sun warming my face and coming through the top of my head
Sun and Earth connecting in my belly.
Glistening of partial frost and illumination of green as the brilliant red of Wild Rose branches reflect the morning light
My heart quickens an Eagle on the rock as a tiny bird sits on a branch close to me.
The Dawn chorus welcomes the sun
The waves dance in gratitude
The music sings itself
Mary of Tapestry is in the relationship petal
I smile at her....she smiles back at me
Blessed be.
In the Spirit petal the music crescendos
as a vision of all of those connected through the weaving of the threads of Tapestry sing along.....
La La La La La La La Beautiful is Spring to me
La La La Blessed be
La La La Blessed be
In the petal of the Great Mystery the music continues but softens
An equal measure of day and night sit in balance on this beautiful first day of Spring
I am grateful
Blessed be

Nadine Agnes (Nadina) Stewart Schaddelee
Nadina of Maarnada

'Postcards of Welcoming Spring'

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada



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