What If?

What if you could become your child self?
 The one who could easily transport herself into a dancing garden faery.
Can you see her?  She is about four years old totally connected to realms of wonder
She has hair like Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz
She is related to the Wild Rose Family so wears pink leggings and a pink magic dress that helps her become whatever beautiful parts of Nature she is loving.
She was given a rhinestone crown by a Princess because she helped the woman become a Princess and later at a Ball meet her Prince.
Today on April Fools Day 2009 she has chosen to call herself Rosie as she is part of the Wild Rose Family of Flowers and Morning Light.
Rosie, was also gifted by the Rainbow Angel's with a Rainbow Crystal adornment for her crown.
Rosie is much loved by the Rainbow Angels as she has journeyed through the Rainbow with them.
Now on this day of Fools when people have fun joking and playing tricks on people Rosie gave her friend Will He Workout a Magic Wizard Hat.
Well... you have all heard about Frosty and when they placed that hat on his head!!!!!!!

Well guess what?

Will He Workout didn't dance around he became really Wizard of Oz like!
You know he could go into computer land and take Rosie with him
He had all of these magical formulas with numbers and mega bits and words that Rosie didn't understand
 However, what she felt was the crazy fun and magic he was creating on their Patroness Nadina of Maarnada's website.
They were excited and delighted to see her face in the morning when she turned on her computer
to find the Wonder of Maarnada appearing on the screen.
It was then Will He Workout decided to become Wizgym and bring the Wonder of Maarnada to Computer Land.
So even though this morning is April Fools and Rosie thought the hat would be a joke
It opened Wizgym's magic creative side and made friends with the other side of his Big Brain
He even became comfortable thinking in Pink.
Sometimes the two friends have no idea what each other are talking about because they speak in different languages but they have Big Belief in each other's gifts
They can feel the magic of creativity playing with them and that has a communication that is unspoken and is just Crazy Fun.

Rosie Garden Faery of Maarnada
Super friend of Wizgym Wonder Wizard

Rosie and Wizgym

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