Wind Chimes of Easter

Maarten had recently retired from his Family business The Dutch Bakery and Coffee Shop Ltd

to become a full time artist

My last day of selling Easter Bunnies and Eggs and all things sweet and wonderful was Saturday Easter 1991

I returned home to Maarnada with Maarten smiling and needing my assistance

He had finished creating the Maarnada Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

We had been gifted with a small set of chimes and his creative mind had seen them larger

With his Father's mantra "You just do it"

He did it!

With my extra set of hands we hung them outside of his wood studio.

This morning Good Friday April 10th 2009 in the Dawn Light the Maarnada Chimes called to me.

Wind Song the sculpture sat below

She spoke to me

"We are Spirit of the ancestors blowing on the wind

Sing your soul song
Let your new life begin"

The Song Sparrow sings in the morning light and perches on the

Wild Rose branch to cheer me on

Song Sparrow

The chimes catch their intention and a gentle breeze caresses my face.

"All is well and will be well

We evolve through you

Take us with you."

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