Wonder Wands and Wonder Wiz Kids

Wyzgym and Rosie

Wonder has been calling to me today through the Wonder Ones who are bringing Wonder to the Wonderland of Maarnada

Rosie has changed herself into Wonderfair as she carries her Wonder Wand and Wizgym has his Wizweb Wand

Wonderfair and Wizgym have been very excited this morning as they have directed Nadina to her Wonder Fairy Tale Book

Sheralynnee of Sparkle had created it for Nadina many years ago to write her stories in.

Now the Wonder Team are here to assist her in wonder web ways.

It is a very sparkly day today starting with the sparkling Dew of the morning light

As I had washed my face with the Dew light I remembered the Eastern Gentleman who had shared the healing of morning Dew.

Maarten is off singing with the Arbutus Singers and all is well in our world.

Today the Maar and the Nada will have their webs connected through their Websites

The Storyteller and Sculptor will be connected to Dance again.

Wonder be

Wyzgym and Rosie with the Wonder Wand


Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada


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